Sunday, May 25, 2014

DIY - Crochet Salmon Sushi Roll-Up Scarf

Sushi is pretty popular nowadays, so I thought I would pay homage. I'm personally not a fan but plenty of the people in my circles are and would definitely dig this scarf. It's super simple and adaptable as well- have fun win it! UPDATE: I now have a knit version as well; you can find it here!

I made a concept video on how the scarf is made; in short it's simply a stripped scarf that can be made with many/any stitch, fiber, yarn weight, color and it's up to you whether you hook it, knit it, loom it, sew it, the possibilities are endless really. 

The scarf i made used Red Heart and scraps of yarn I had in my stash. I used an H hook and did double crochet all throughout. I decided to make mine 20 stitches wide which made it about 7 inches. When complete, it was almost 7 feet long(save an inch). How long or wide you make it is also up to you, obviously :) .

For those who are fans of patterns I'm including the info for the specific scarf I made in the video. It's not exactly a pattern but gives you something to follow, and can adjust accordingly. I'm also including the approximate measurement of each individual color sections for reference(i do recommend rolling up your own scarf and changing colors accordingly). 

I started with the center of the scarf(aka filling)

Pink/salmon color - 25 rows (15.5")
Yellow/orange - 13 rows (8.5")
Green - 4 rows (3")
White - 9 rows (6.5")
Green - 4 rows (3")
White - 13 rows (8.5")
Green - 4 rows (3")
White - 29 rows (20") 
Black - 23 rows (16")

Once complete simply weave in the ends and you're done!



  1. This is great! I am making it for a gift exchange at work :) I think it will be a hit. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  2. Thank you this is adorable.

  3. Oh I wanna make this for a friend for Xmas!

  4. I made 15 sushi scarves for Christmas. We now call each other the "Sushi girls."