Saturday, December 13, 2014

DIY - Knit Ribbed Salmon Sushi Roll-Up Scarf

I'm back with a knit ribbed version of the Salmon Sushi scarf! I previously made a post(and video tutorial) for a crochet version of this scarf(check it out here); it seems pretty popular so thought i would make a knit version. I wanted to make it reversible and wanted to do something other than garter stitch(all thought i may have one on the works, shh...) and decided on 3x3 ribbing.

This is more of a guideline to make a scarf, this is a very simple 'pattern' that is very easily adapted to your needs/likes; in short it's simply a stripped scarf that can be made with many/any stitch, fiber, yarn weight, color and it's up to you whether you hook it, knit it, loom it, sew it, the possibilities are endless really. 

The scarf i made used Red Heart Super Saver(worsted weight). I used US sive 5/3.75mm needles and did 3x3 ribbing(which makes it reversible). I decided to make mine 24 stitches wide which made it about 3 inches. When complete, it measures about 6'2" (74 inches) long. How long or wide you make it is also up to you, obviously :) .

These are the specifics for the scarf pictured. It's not exactly a pattern but gives you something to follow and can adjust accordingly. I'm also including the approximate measurement of each individual color sections for reference(i do recommend rolling up your own scarf as you go and change colors as you see fit, as there are many factors which can change your tension and gauge while working on this project).

I started with the center of the scarf(aka filling)

Pink/salmon color - 80 rows (16.5")
Yellow/orange - 45 rows (10")
White - 13 rows (2.5")
Green - 11 rows (2")
White - 46 rows (10.5")
Green - 11 rows (2")
White - 35 rows (7.5") 
Black - 80 rows (19")

Once complete simply weave in the ends and you're done!

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