Monday, December 30, 2013

LoZ Haul and Works in Progress(WIPS)

I recently recorded a haul that just happens to be Zelda themed from the last couple of months. I wouldn't actually call it a 'haul' as much as random stuff i happen to acquire which happens to have the same theme. Did i do that on purpose? Not really, although the Legend of Zelda series being my fave, you shouldn't be surprised. Check it out here.

My biggest win was the musical chests Nintendo forked over via the Streetpass group. For those that payed attention(and/or were lucky enough to get one) i unfortunately missed out on getting Ganondorf figurine bonus you could preorder for here in the USA...i just didn't do it in time. Huge loss, am i right? So this made me feel better and somewhat feel like Nintendo made it up to me(not that they owed me anything to begin with). You win some, you loose some i guess...and sometimes you break even. 

As for my works in progress, i'm planning to do some tunisian crochet tutorials...specially using afghan stitch(aka simple stitch). It's the one i use the most(do i know any other? actually, i don't think so...>.>) and it translates into pixels so well. It'll be the basics and probably branch out into how to do charts and all that jazz. My example project is the mushroom. I chose to make it red, but any color would have done. Should have those up by next week i suppose. 

Something that's also in the works; using that frog mario chart i designed for my afghan(no progress in weeks unfortunately, just didn't feel like) and making a pillow. To kind of help me jump back into it i suppose, i haven't been doing t-crochet(tunisian crochet) in quite a while. 

Also, Magfest!! It's this weekend(thursday-sunday). I'm going alone(except for sat, the hubs may come with) and i don't even mind it. I'll meet up with a few friends there, but more than that i'm just excited for the experience. Should be tons of fun! :)

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