Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yarn Un-Crimping *~*

I purchased these awesome 'skeins' of yarn during the black friday/cyber monday sales. The yarn itself had been knitted up in panels and then dyed..and sold this way! Via the instructions/directions they recommended working straight from the panel, meaning no re-skeining and/or cake making...of course they also recommended blocking your project after it was complete. I started to make a scarf/shawl and during the process it was obvious the crimp/kink of the yarn just got in the way. It was hard to manage, not to say the crimp made the yarn shrink on itself and even tension wasn't at all possible. And so began my journey...

I can't say i'm 100% satisfied with it, but it's a major improvement. I'll be making one into a cake in the near future and test it(if all is good, the 2nd will follow). I probably won't be going for the shawl i was working on earlier, all tho i may just try the sock pattern this came with.

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