Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Animal Crossing and Projects Update!

I finally completed the larger version of the Animal Crossing inspired amigurumi cake. I'm thinking whether to make a video tutorial and if i should wait until it's uploaded before releasing the pattern(s) or just add it on later on. Hmm, i guess it will depend how soon i can get that done, we shall see! I used the same toppings(strawberries/candles/etc) for the larger version than i did for the small one, just made the cake itself a little bigger. I may make one more to re-test the pattern before releasing it(this will be a free one btw).

Talking about Animal Crossing, i got the most awesome thing via a Secret Santa swap. My partner is also into amigurumi and crochet, so she made me a Bell Bag!! It's pretty cute. She also included a piranha plant cross-stitch necklace(and/or key-chain). She's located in Canada and has an Etsy shop as well. Check her out here! She makes a lot of video game related goods, i'd say she's definitely worth a look. *Update, i think her shop is on break...but do go and check it out once she's back!

The next projects are smallish in size and are for gifting actually. I finished the cute cat hat and have decided to add buttons to the 'seam', as i found it pretty noticeable(however i knew exactly where it was, so...). I also did a couple of simple finger-less gloves. The stripped one is pretty awesome, and due to my laziness of sewing in ends i ended up doing the magic knot technique on every stripe. I pretty much eyeballed it as far as where to change yarn and it's not perfect, but it's close enough. From now on i think i'm doing this for stripes(unless they do have to be perfect for some reason). These were a simple 3x2 rib. The purple ones are 2x2 rib, and turned them into tiny cables to add some texture since they would be pretty plain otherwise. I also tried out making a cable on the thumb gusset...wasn't very hard at all and am quite satisfied with the results.

I worked on my current brown sweater as well, i actually started on one of the sleeves. You can see the body of the sweater is complete, an open cardigan was exactly what i was going for. I really like this pattern, all though unfortunately i had to adjust due to my gauge, it turned out great. It's a free one from tincanknits, you can find it here. I made quite a few adjustments to mine, i'm also doing a couple of stripes in a cream/aran color on the sleeves. I should be done with it for the next update! You can check out my project page on Rav for more details(all though not completely up to date).

I worked on a couple of hats(a baby and adult sized) from one of my favorite free patterns, Be Kind. I gave the double knit technique a try as well. My swatch wasn't the best really, i probably should have used a smaller needle size (my gauge i'm telling you...), so will keep at it until i'm satisfied with it and then decide if i do in fact want to use this technique for a project(or not). It would make an awesome cowl/scarf. I'm still iffy on whether i like charted characters knitted up(or not).

I worked on some spining and have finished off two skeins that are ready to be worked. Actually, i lie... one is ready to use, however the other is ready to dye and then have the twist set. I'm not sure what color yet, but i know it'll come to me! It was my first time plying on my wheel and it went pretty smoothly. I decided to navajo ply it since i spun this yarn a little thin, making it into a 2-ply would still be a little thin for my taste. Definitely not as hard as i thought, i'm looking forward to doing more. That's all for now i think; in the meantime check out my Cast-Off video below!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

DIY - Knit Ribbed Salmon Sushi Roll-Up Scarf

I'm back with a knit ribbed version of the Salmon Sushi scarf! I previously made a post(and video tutorial) for a crochet version of this scarf(check it out here); it seems pretty popular so thought i would make a knit version. I wanted to make it reversible and wanted to do something other than garter stitch(all thought i may have one on the works, shh...) and decided on 3x3 ribbing.

This is more of a guideline to make a scarf, this is a very simple 'pattern' that is very easily adapted to your needs/likes; in short it's simply a stripped scarf that can be made with many/any stitch, fiber, yarn weight, color and it's up to you whether you hook it, knit it, loom it, sew it, the possibilities are endless really. 

The scarf i made used Red Heart Super Saver(worsted weight). I used US sive 5/3.75mm needles and did 3x3 ribbing(which makes it reversible). I decided to make mine 24 stitches wide which made it about 3 inches. When complete, it measures about 6'2" (74 inches) long. How long or wide you make it is also up to you, obviously :) .

These are the specifics for the scarf pictured. It's not exactly a pattern but gives you something to follow and can adjust accordingly. I'm also including the approximate measurement of each individual color sections for reference(i do recommend rolling up your own scarf as you go and change colors as you see fit, as there are many factors which can change your tension and gauge while working on this project).

I started with the center of the scarf(aka filling)

Pink/salmon color - 80 rows (16.5")
Yellow/orange - 45 rows (10")
White - 13 rows (2.5")
Green - 11 rows (2")
White - 46 rows (10.5")
Green - 11 rows (2")
White - 35 rows (7.5") 
Black - 80 rows (19")

Once complete simply weave in the ends and you're done!

Black Friday& Cyber Monday 2014 Haul!

This post contains the totality of that i've picked up during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales this year. It's mostly yarn, although not only... no need to say that all this will aid my yarny addiction greatly.

Walmart had the Red Heart with Love yarn on sale for $1.97 this year, so i had to at least check it out. I don't recall using or trying out this yarn before and when visiting the store, whether i chose to buy(or not) was all up on my impression of it. I decided it would work; it's a true worsted weight(maybe even aran?) which is my preferred.  With Love is a 100% acrylic yarn that comes in 6oz/315yds a skein. I picked up 3 balls/skeins in Chocolate(brown) and Pewter(gray) which should be good sweater size quantities(specially with pops of other colors incorporated). I also picked up 2 skeins of each in Daffodil(yellow), Peacock(blue) and Aran(off white). I visited the store after the morning rush and it worked out perfectly; plenty of yarn to choose from and no waiting in line. WIN. Check out my yarn addiction video here.

Knit Picks ran their 'Big Sale Event' during black friday week. I was iffy about purchasing since i'm a rather newbie customer to knit picks as i tend to levitate towards the more inexpensive yarns; however i thought i would jump in as the sale prices seemed pretty fair. I got 9 skeins of Wool of the Andes Bulky in the Bluebird colorway, which is 100% wool and 137 yards p/ skein ~ this colorway is gorgeous. I also got a sweater quantity(10 skeins) of Wool of the Andes Superwash in the Camel Heather colorway, which is 100% superwash wool and 110 yards p/ skein. I plan to make some awesome sweaters with these, all thought i've yet to fall in love with any specific pattern. For detail(or perhaps for another project all together) i got a couple of Superwash skeins in the Indigo Heather colorway, also very pretty. Last but not least, i got one skein of Hawthorne Fingering in the Laddy's Addition colorway, another amazing pinkish orange to grey colorway. Love it! I purchased all this yarn for $50.20; no shipping cost(over $50 on their website)...making it a win at $2.28 a skein. View my  yarn addiction video here.

My browsing Knit Picks wasn't over however. After their 'Big Sale Event' they offered free shipping with a minimum purchase of $30(rather than the usual $50) and i saw they had quite a lot of their fiber on sale. If you guys haven't heard yet, i very recently purchased a spinning wheel and couldn't NOT jump in on this. Check out my spinning wheel blog(and video). I took advantage of the discounts on their Wool of the Andes Roving and purchased 4 Natural/Bare bunches(I lack the correct word for this, lol) which would pair up nicely with any color, and/or can be dyed if needed. I also got one bunch(lol) of each of the following 5 colors: Hot Rod heather, Salsa Heather, Dill Heather, Tidepool Heather and last but no least, Sapphire Heather. Each 'bunch' is 3.53oz/100grams. My total order came to $35.09. Check out my yarn addiction video here.

I also made a purchase from Tasteless Designs on etsy(check out the shop here). These weren't on 'sale' i believe, but due to my purchase of the wheel i couldn't resist the beautiful colorways... and since purchased around the same time i thought i would add them in. Aren't these gorgeous? Both are 4oz of Superfine Merino. The gray/yellow colorway is called 'Spellbook', while the one with red is called 'Berlin'. I'm really looking forward to spinning these up.

Last but not least, the spinning wheel! I purchased a Babe(spinning wheel) from and it's quite exciting and awesome at the same time. Check out my related blog here and/or check out my spinning wheel assembly video here. This year has been filled with lots of new things to feed my yarn/fiber stash. I'm looking forward to using some up while at the same time looking forward to purchasing some more to fill the

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Uh-Oh ~ Spinning Wheel Assembly!

This year i really went all out and bought myself a late birthday(Nov. 4)/early holiday gift for myself. I've been looking at spinning wheels for quite a while and finally decided on a Babe. It's one of the most(if not THE most) inexpensive spinning wheel brands i've found and from my research, they are quite amazing and versatile. They are made from PVC pipes which is part of the reason why they are inexpensive, yet this makes them very lightweight and the no fuss assembly makes them ideal to travel with.

I purchased a production spinning wheel, double treadle(2 pedals) in white. I assembled mine in about 30-45 minutes; not too bad for such a newbie as myself. I have tried a spinning wheel once in my life(not the best experience) and haven't been around many at all, so for a novice like me that's not too shabby. It took about 2 weeks for it to arrive(quicker than i expected actually) and it came neatly packaged in a rather compact box. From what i recall(from their website), the wheel itself is a wheelchair wheel. I purchased mine from, however Babe does sell them directly from their website at

I decided to set it up in my basement; it's where i had the most room for assembly and will have the most privacy(for plenty of practice). You can call it our family room, it's where all the game systems are set up. Since my husband isn't much of a gamer, you can call this my spot...and now even more so :D.

 This wheel really had a very easy assembly. It was rather self explanatory and not many parts to put together at all. My favorite part was the pedals, i just loved how they snapped onto the base as well as have the velcro straps for extra security(why i love them, i don't know lol). The real 'assembly' part of it i would say is the 2 screws it came with...that's it(a screw driver is required for this)! It did take me a few tries to get the drive band on(it goes around the wheel itself as well as the bobbin) and it did take me a second to figure out how the flyer mechanism works(did i use the correct terminology there? The whole bobbin/hooks section).

While i had my doubtful moments where i wondered if i got it right(regardless of reading the directions) there was actually a YouTube channel that i found very, very helpful. It was the only one, actually, that showed in some detail how a Babe spinning wheel actually works...and even if 'assembly' wasn't really the point/take of the video, the information provided did help me quite a bit. Check this spinner out at Expertly Dyed. She's a spinner/dyer/knitter that i've been following almost since i've started my own channel, and she has tons of information that other spinners/dyers will find useful i'm sure.

The video i made isn't really to take you step-by-step in how i put the wheel together, but rather it's just to share my experience. It's sped up quite a bit(not sure anyone would really want to sit there and watch it in real time!) and i did cut out a few sections here and there, specially when i took my time reading directions before going further. I had a chance to play around with it for a couple of days now, i would say about 2-3 hours so far. I found that my hands get cramped after about half an hour of spinning, but that's understandable since it would take some time to get used to repeated movements you're not used to(ie drafting). I'm getting better at multi-tasking with my hands while my feet are busy pedaling as well.... it will take some practice but so far so good!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Surprise; Update Time!

How long has it been since i've done an update on my finished projects and what i'm working on? I'm not quite sure; i don't recall the last things i've shared either(and i don't plan to go and find out, lol). I grabbed what i remembered making and all though i don't have a few of these items to show anymore, i think i got most of them.

I've finished a number of things, including a cowl for my Secret Santa Rav swap(all thought i don't have a pic of the completed cowl; it was sewn together of course- find the pattern here) as well as a headband and an item that was already in use(a crochet container for small misc items on my bath counter). I also finished my gift cat hat(at last!). I was iffy about this one 'cause there is a (very noticeable?) seam in the front of the hat and i wasn't sure if it required an embellishment(or not). What do you think? This is a very cute free pattern you can find here.

Now let's talk about(more) cowls. I finally finished one that has actually been done for some time, but i was rather unhappy with the color of the yarn. I decided to over-dye this project and ta-da! Love how it turned out(and it may be a future pattern in the works). I also finished a crochet cowl(great free pattern by Nina, find it here) which is just up my alley. I love close-to-the-neck cowls and this totally fits the bill; i also really like the neutral color i chose for this pattern. It would be amazing in any color really(and i do plan to make some more).

My one huge thing was my sweater - I'm so glad it's complete(this is a free patter you can find here)! I finished it last week actually, but i've yet to wash/dry before i let myself wear it out. It fits pretty well and i love the colors that i chose. This pattern would also make a great cardigan/open sweater so am looking to alter the pattern and make it again w/ that purpose. I decided against duplicate stitching something on it, as i thought it  would take away from the stripes.

The Animal Crossing game series inspired the amigurumi cake i worked up which i will be posting a pattern for(eventually, haha). It's not exactly to scale so may tweak it a little(and/or offer both sizes, we'll see!). I am also participating in another Secret Santa(not Rav related) which is the funnest one yet. This has more of a geeky approach; the person i'm gifting is into games as i am and by coincidence also happens to knit! This is amazing; to share the love of yarn i dyed her a custom skein of Superwash Merino/230 yds in various hues of green(her fave color). I'm also working on a Piranha Plant decorative pillow(reminiscent of the Super Mario Brothers games) and am waiting for a couple of items i ordered to arrive before sending out her package. Soo excited!

My works in progress consist of a ribbed knit sushi scarf(if you guys recall my crochet version you can check out here, i will similarly write up a recipe/pattern for) as well as a purple shawl i've started quite some time ago and um, anything else mentioned above.

Recently i have also made quite a few purchases due to the black friday/cyber monday sales and i've got a few of them already. I made a video sharing my yarn haul from Knit Picks, and if you guys have seen my current videos know i have purchased a spinning wheel(and that it has arrived!). I'm still waiting for a couple of other fiber purchases; once i have received them i will be posting up a general black friday/cyber monday haul blog where i talk about all my purchases during this time. I also have a video on how i put my spinning wheel together, it's more to share the experience rather than a how-to video, and will be posting a blog with pictures and commentary eventually. All in all, it's hasn't been a bad 3-4 weeks!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Amigurumi Power-Up Mushroom - Free Pattern

Amigurumi Power-Up Mushrooms
by Malon Bruce

This pattern is worked in the round. It’s rather simple since it only uses the basic single stitch(st), slip stitch(sl), increase(inc) and decrease(dec) stitches. I also like to use the ‘magic circle’ technique to start off but it’s not necessary. You could simply chain 2 and work row 1 in the 2nd stitch from hook.


  • Red/Blue/Green/Purple yarn(depending on which mushroom you are working on)
  • White yarn for the bottom portion
  • Felt for the spot details
  • Fabric paint/needle and thread to sew/glue on spots
  • Black yarn/crochet thread for the eyes
  • Embroidery needle
  • Fiberfill (or you filling of choice)
  • H hook (use your preferred size to make a fabric tight enough so the stuffing doesn't show through
  • Stitch markers/something to mark your rows with(I used scrap piece of yarn)

1. 6 in magic circle =6
2. increase all =12
3. increase all =24
4. *1st, 1 increase* repeat =36
5.-11. sc st for 7 rows =36
12. *1sc, 1 decrease* repeat =24
13. *2sc, 1 decrease* repeat =1814. Finish off and leave a long tail to sew to the bottom.

**At this point make sure to COUNT the number of stitches you have. I have ended up with less/more plenty of times due to unknown increase/decreasing. The exact number does not matter as much as knowing how many there are so you know how to adjust the bottom part of the mushroom. This will make the sewing go ever so smoothly and will let you match up stitch per stitch.

1. 6 in magic circle =6
2. Increase all =12
3. *6 st, 1 increase* repeat (this is where you would inc/dec in order to match the number of stitches you ended up with on the top) =18
4. Sc all =18
5. Turn work around and st 9 creating ‘tab’ =9
6. Slip stitch and finish off.

** The ‘tab’ here will be the face of the mushroom and give the top a slanted look. Make sure you only sew the actual stitches together and don’t count the side of the tab as a stitch.

Putting it all together:
Now you put both pieced together and sew away! The matching number of stitches makes it easy; and don’t forget to stuff before you close up your work. Keep in mind the ‘tab’ on the bottom part of the mushroom will serve as the face, so I usually like to have the finished off end of the top centered on the back for a more clean and finished look.

Eyes: I used black crochet thread, but any yarn/embroidery thread will do. You can also use felt, fiber paint, buttons, it's up to you. Position eyes about 2 stitches apart (use pictures as a guideline).

**I glued on the felt spots and embroidered around them for reinforcement. It’s not necessary, you could do one or the other.

Spots: For the red/blue/green mushrooms I made my spots out of felt and about1 ½ inches(or 4mm) in diameter. You will need 5 spots per mushroom. Center one on the top and put the other 4 around in a uniform fashion.

For the poison mushroom i used felt for the skull and crochet thread to embroider the ‘teeth’. I also painted on the eyes/nose with 3d fabric paint before gluing and embroidering on but you can definitely sew them on use felt.

This is an original pattern by Monica Jeriah (August 2009). Please do not claim this pattern as your own,
make copies of or publish on any CD, collection, publication or website without permission. Buying this
pattern gives you the right to use it for your own personal use but you may not sell or distribute it, or sell
any items made from this pattern. Photos are also property of Monica Jeriah.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Amigurumi Princess Ornament- Free Pattern

This cute ornament emerged from a fairy-tale swap i participated on recently. One of my partner's favorite fairy tale characters was Snow White(the Disney princess version...i guess there is such a thing!). This swap being so close to the holiday season, well that's how the whole 'ornament' idea came about. :)
It's quite a simple pattern that can be altered to your needs/taste. I used a 2" styrofoam ball for this one but you can stuff it with fiberfill(etc) as well. I used ribbon and yarn for the bows but again, it's up to you how you choose to style the hair(or not). My ornaments have their face embroidered on(the cheeks and lips) except for the eyes, which i used two tiny dots of fabric paint for. 
I chose not to explain every little thing in the tutorial since learning the real basics(ie what is an 'increase'?) can be easily found/learned via other tutorials and so forth.  Enjoy!

  1. 6 sc in magic circle - 6
  2. Inc all stitches - 12
  3. (1sc, 1 increase)* (repeat for the whole row) - 18
  4. (2sc, 1 increase)* - 24
  5. (3sc, 1 increase)* - 30
  6. Sc in all stitches - 30
  7. Sc in all stitches - 30
  8. (3sc, 1 decrease)* - 24
Finish off, no tail needed

  1. 6 sc in magic circle - 6
  2. Inc all stitches - 12
  3. (1sc, 1 increase)* (repeat for the whole row) - 18
  4. (2sc, 1 increase)* - 24
  5. (3sc, 1 increase)* - 30
  6. Sc in all stitches - 30
  7. 3 sc, (2hdc, 4dc, 2hdc, 2sc)x2, 7 sc - 30
Finish off, leave a long tail for sewing to face

Sewing Together 
Fit the hair and face over the styrofoam ball so the ends overlap. Position the hair to your liking and sew to the face. Add a bow and embroider the face. Done!
*I show some bonus footage at the end of the video on how i add the loop on the ornament.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cat Hats & Unreachable Gauge!

This couple of weeks i have realized my knitting gauge is a nightmare. I've worked on two hats where i was unable to make gauge so had to rework both patterns to fit my unmovable one. I also swatched for a sweater(a free pattern via Rav - $5 in Paris)where the problem persisted, and so altering that pattern is also in the future.

I was looking for a hat pattern to possibly gift around the holidays and i found a couple of cute free ones via Rav. My first was the Simple Kitty Hat which has adorable earflaps - this turned out to be my favorite of the two. The other similar hat was the Future of Forestry Hat which has a folded ribbed rim of 1x1 ribbing...i'm surprised i actually made this one. 1x1 rib is my most hated rib combination, and this pattern called for 8" of it. Never again!! If i happen to make it again i'll be doing 2x2.

A baby hat was also completed which turned out pretty cute as well. This is also a free pattern which comes with 2 different hat patterns called Two Lace Baby Hats, check it out in Rav. The goat pillow is also finally complete!! I got to it just in time for Smells Like Yarn group's giveaway. So psyched it's complete, if i do say so myself it turned out pretty adorable :).

 I finished spinning the red/pink stripped yarn as well and have skeined it, however i have not washed it to set the twist yet. During my last update i was in the process of spinning it i believe.... I'm looking fwd to caking this one as well since the color transitions should really show up this way. Something else is on my drop spindles as a WIP, and this type of fiber (superwash merino) is amazing. It really spins like butter - this is my favorite fiber to work with to date. Once i use up some of my fiber stash, i know what i'll be going for.

A tutorial is also in the works, based off the cute ornament i made for my partner during the last swap. If anyone is interested in testing the pattern, do let me know! This will be a free published pattern and i'll be posting a tutorial vid as well. I used a 2" styrofoam ball inside this one, but it could easily be filled with fiberfill or the like. It's pretty adaptable too, so many ways to customize. I'll try to have it up ASAP! Whenever i have the time to edit and have it up that is... :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pikmin, Ni No Kuni and FO's

I've finished A LOT this time around. Some FO(finished object)s are great, while some are a little iffy. I've divided it up into sections(as you can see lol).


Epona from the Legend of Zelda game series. I have done a Version 1 quite some time ago and recently added the 'nose holes' aka nostrils. The head was rather large and my colorwork was not the best, in response to that i have Version 2. The color scheme was changed up a little, i skipped a few rows in the pattern when making the head overall getting something more proportioned. The colorwork is an improvement i think, and the nostrils look a lot better on this version. Will i add the saddle? I think yes... The pattern came from this awesome book, check it out! - Amigurumi Toy Box by Ana Paula Rimoli.

I've also decided to make something based on a game i have beat(completed) whenever the occasion arises. In this case, Ni No Kuni just happened to be it. Did i love it? Actually yes, very much so. I chose to make 'Mite' since he's the first familiar/creature the main character gets to join his party on his way to defeat evil. This pattern was made up on the fly. It's not perfect but i did take notes, so will revise and have it available in the future. 

Cowls, Hats & Misc
My first cowl came from a hat that was just too big and i wasn't ready to rip out all my work. By now i know my gauge is pretty off being such a loose knitter and all... this just confirmed it. So, i did some seed stitch, some 3x3 ribbing and some more seed stitch. The hat pattern it was meant to be - Seed Slouch Hat - is a free pattern i found via Rav(elry). I did end up knitting the actual pattern with smaller needles and a thinner yarn which gave me a wearable item.

The baby hat was also from a free set of patterns also found on Rav - Two Lace Baby Hats. Too adorable, love the results and it was a pretty quick knit. With that, i'll pair the baby blanket which is a simple granny square stripe made with some I Love This Yarn and Mid Green and Gray Mist. It's pretty small as it's preemie size, it will be going to Kim in a few weeks.

The two other cowls are pretty similar. The first i made was to use up some scrap yarn and is also a tight cowl which should fit snugly around your neck(my neck, 'cause i'm keeping this one). It's simple ribbing with a few cable twists thrown in. The second cowl was made with the super-wash i dyed in green and black. I'm still trying to decide if i like this color or i'll be over-dying it....probably the lather. It's a similar ribbing with a few cables, and yes, i'm also keeping this one. It's the softest to date and actually my first time making something with my hand-dyed.

The purple vest is also finally complete! I had to order some more yarn but it was well worth it... It will be getting much use this fall/winter for sure; It's an awesome layering piece. The pattern came from Contemporary Crochet. To date that's my most used book of patterns, and still have a handful i want to make. My top was a little short so opted to add a ribbed border at the bottom until it was my preferred length...worked like a charm. 

I finished spinning the green/brown/black fiber which came
out to be 74 yards/1.8 oz with the weight falling somewhere between an aran & chunky. The purple/yellow fiber i dyed earlier on was 4 oz and gave me 273 yards of a dk/fingering weight. It's not all that evenly spun so if have worsted or even chunky bits in there, it wouldn't surprise me. I'm now working on some red/pink fiber which is really a WIP(work in progress)...

Pikmin tunisian crochet pillow...i'm so close to being done with this. It falls under my finished/completed games this year(Pikmin 3) which was a pretty quick yet fun game. I think next time i use this chart, i will have a different color pallet. 

The only other project is a rectangle shawl, also a free pattern all though this one's from the Michael's website. It was written for their Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn which i happen to be using in a purple hue. I'm treating this one as a long term project to sort of tie me over in between other

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Project Updates!

I've been lagging behind on writing blogs recently, so this kind of update was inevitable. This blog is born from laziness! Sooner or later it was time, and so here it is.

My last Cast-Off update was on Sept. 3, and since then i've decided to update every 2 weeks or so. Around every 15th and at the end/beginning of the next month sounds about right. So, only missed 2 updates here, not too shabby. No pics for this one either, since i didn't take any when i made the vids, i'm not going to try and collect all this stuff to snap a few so long after the fact. Live and learn. 

Cast-Off #69 - 9/15

FO's(finished objects):
  • I completed the baby vest from the Noro Kids book. I would not make it again, too many ends to seam in for such a tiny thing. Not worth it imo...sorry babies. 
  • I dyed some yarn in a long transitioning colorway. I plan to use it/make something and re-dye it once complete as i wasn't all too happy with the colors. 
  • Finished spinning up the 4oz of fiber i had dyed..finally...phew! 
  • The project for my swap was completed, which was a cute Snow White (tree)ornament. Unfortunately i only had a pic since i had to ship out this project. 

WIP's(works in progress):
  • Purple top/vest from Contemporary Crochet book. So close to being done.
  • Blue & White shawl, a free pattern via Ravelry - the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief.

Cast-Off #70 ~ 9/30

  • I got the chance to test out the pattern for a pretty cute crochet hat, which i made 2 of. My first was a fail(my gauge and yarn choice probably, wasn't correct). It's a free pattern, find the link in my video description! 
  • 2 Baby blankets! Awesome stash buster.
  • Blue & White shawl, finally complete! Info in the previous vid update above.
  • Tunisian Crochet Goat panel is done...and sooo cute! Although the project is not officially 'complete' (i still have to put the pillow together), the crochet part totally is so i'm letting this one slip by :P. This is for a knit/crochet along by SmellGreatGuy, find more info in my vid description.
  • The 4oz fiber i spun last time has been plied!! Took too long for my liking, but it's done. And it's awesome. 

  • Spinning some green/black/brown fiber on my giant spindle(which i made myself, heh). It's made with a clock face!
  • Working on a cowl with that long-transitioning colorway yarn. 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

AC Mice & Nintendo Panel Complete!

Hey all, another two weeks worth of items. It hasn't been my most productive but I've worked on a few things. My completed objects this time around are one Linus shawl(free pattern in vid description), as well as a couple of amigurumi mice inspired by Animal Crossing(video game), and finally my long overdue Nintendo panel.

I have thought about turning this into a cover for my sewing machine but due to the simple fact that i made a garter border, the panel itself is a little wonky. I think it would serve a better purpose if it was a pillow, which it's actually destined to become. Overall i'm pretty happy with it, however i do need plenty of pr
actice with my color-work/intarsia...which i plan to get in future projects. Love it nonetheless <3. It features the iconic mushroom, a boo(aka ghost) and the goomba, one of my fave baddies of all time. Stay tuned for next week's video when i should have the pillow complete! :)

As far as my wips, i've been working on that cute baby item from the NORO Kids booklet. Almost done with it too!! Yet i feel there's too many tails to sew in for such a tiny item. I don't like tails and don't like to sew them in does anyone? The only thing i would do differently is taking the stripes into consideration when deciding to whether or not make it in the round. I'm also not 100% sure my gauge is correct, regardless if my gauge swatch was correct(or not...and it was). In that sense, total disappointment :\. I do love the yarn though, if i may say so myself. This is Berocco Comfort DK/Sport Weight.

There's a few other misc WIPs here and there, to find out more details feel free to check out the video below. I have also started spinning some fiber that i dyed not too long ago. I'm really enjoying myself this time, trying not to get in the hype of wanting it complete sooner than later. This isn't the best or softest fiber(coopworth), yet it's the first i've ever bought for myself and at the moment the only fiber i have. So...i'm working with what i got!! Not to say i don't have more fiber coming my way... >.> shh....

 I also do want to remind you guys about my 500 Subscriber Giveway that's going on at this time(check out the video and enter here!). I'm talking about my YouTube channel, i'm thrilled and excited about the support - you guys are awesome!! It's open until the 6th(midnight eastern time) and i will pull for winners on the 7th/Sunday. I have an update video as well(check it out here) which is a short about the prizes...which are pretty great i think. Good luck!!