Sunday, March 29, 2015

March WIPs and FOs!

These couple of weeks resulted in two tutorials(and free patterns), a couple of amigurumis and two knit hats...and that's not counting my works in progress. Not to mention i still had 15+ solid hours of gameplay logged into Bravely Default, the game i'm currently playing. I haven't been so immersed in a game in quite some time and never via handheld(3DS), it's great to be back!

I only worked on two rows(1 per week) on my Nintendo granny square blanket(check out my ravelry project page), however i had enough other crochet projects going on. I'll try to up the rows this coming week and see if the discomfort comes back.

My march yarn pick, the James C. Brett has been almost all used up in the Purl Ridge hat i made this week, and i know it's not technically April for a few more days but i have already picked my yarn for the month(for the sake of showing you guys in my update video) which is Cascade Yarn's Quatro. It gives me time to think what i'll be making with this, so it all works out! :)

Two Epona amigurumis have been completed this week, i think this is my favorite version so far. I also got these cute tiny boxes that i'm using to ship the mini amigurumi mushrooms and will also be using with the Yoshi Eggs(when they're finally up in my shop). What do you guys think... adorable right?

I've also been spinning again on my wheel. I feel like i've avoided it for quite some time recently, not sure why. However i've tried to spin a little every day(if possible) for the last week or so and i'm back in love with it. I'm hoping to get this falkland fiber done soon so i could work on some other color mixes. This one should come out marvelous though. Check out the video for more blurbs!

Malon's Shop Update ~ 3/29/15

Recently updated in;

This pillow is inspired by Nintendo's SMB(Super Mario Brother) games. If you're at all familiar with the franchise chances are you'll recognize Mario and his frog suit. This suit allows Mario to easily move underwater, where he'll encounter plenty of this Blooper! 

Made in deep fuchsia with embroidered features and button eyes. Stands at 10", ready to ship!

This cat is pretty adorable and totally ready to play. He comes with a ribbon collar complete with a bow and tiny bell, as well as mini ball of yarn to play with. 

This cute bunny is light blue. He has green button eyes and an embroidered nose.

Do you need a 1up, or perhaps a red mushroom? These mini amigurumi mushrooms would be perfect to store in your pocket. Inspired by the Super Mario Games, they're adorable small replicas which can be made into magnets or keychains(Add a note with your preference before check-out.).
Check out the listing here. 

Updated in this week; 

Per skein:
Content: 65% Wool / 29% Acrylic / 6% Nylon
Weight: 50g
Yardage: 138 yards
Yarn Weight: Aran
Check out the listing here. 

Each hank is 50 grams and 115 yards of 100% Pure Pima Cotton. Perfect for baby items and warmer weather. Machine washable; for best results wash in gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. 
Hand-painted in purple with a vague fade effect; some spots are darker than others, while some have a hint of blue. A size 6 needle/size G hook is recommended.

Manufactured and dyed by Cherry Tree Hill, this skein is a solid magenta. Gorgeous. Unfortunately, this yarn has been discontinued. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DIY - Free Pattern - Crochet Egg Amigurumi

If you've been following me for a while then you know i'm also a gamer. I don't have all that much time for gaming(as much as i'd want), however i play when i can... and in those rare occasions that i actually 'beat'(aka complete/finish) a game, i have decided to make something crafty as a way to pay tribute.

I have recently beat 'Yoshi's New Island' on 3DS. To commemorate the moment i decided to write up a pattern and make a tutorial video for an amigurumi Yoshi egg. If you're not familiar with Yoshi, he's a dinosaur that has the ability to swallow baddies/items and turn them into eggs, which he can later use to attack enemies among other things. The color of the eggs can vary, depending on the color of the Yoshi(they come in a rainbow of colors) as well as the contents.

Egg pattern 
  1. 5 in magic loop -5 stitches total
  2. Inc all -10
  3. 1sc 1inc  -15
  4. Sc all 15 -15
  5. 2sc 1 inc -20
  6. Sc all -20
  7. 3sc 1 inc -25
  8. sc all -25
  9. sc all -25
  10. sc all -25
  11. 3 sc 1 dec  -20
  12. sc all -20
  13. sc all -20
  14. 2 sc 1 dec -15
  15. Sc all -15 (Make sure to stuff!)
  16. 1 sc 1 dec -10
  17. dc all -5

  Finish off

Spots (x 3)
  1. 6 in magic loop -6
  2. Inc in all stitches in the following fashion:
1st stitch - 2sc
2 - 2sc
3- 2hdc
4- 1hdc, 1sc
5 - 1sc, 1hdc
6 - 2hdc

Finish off, leave a long tail for sewing on egg.


Sew the spots on the egg... and you're done! If you're on Ravelry, you can find it here. 

==> Please feel free to sell/gift/share the items you make with this pattern but please don't take credit for the design. Do not distribute or sell this pattern as your own, but do share the link to this blog or video tutorial with those interested. Thank you! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Malon's Shop Update ~ 3/22/15

=> The first batch are listed in my amigurumi shop;

This cute little pillow is made from 100% hand-dyed wool; measures 10" from tip to tip. It would make a perfect wrist-rest for those long days at work. 
Click to view the listing.

Made from yarn and approximately 3" x 2.5" each, these fortune cookies are a little bigger than life-size. They are sewn at the back so they won't loose their shape and make it possible for you to slip in your personalized fortunes. How fun is that?! 
Click to view the listing. 

Made in teal with an embroidered felt muzzle and button eyes. Stands at 7", ready to ship! 
Click to view listing. 

Made in gray with embroidered features and button eyes. Stands at 12", ready to ship!
Click to view listing. 

=> The following can be found at my yarn shop;

This is a huge hank of 100% hemp/twine! A full 247 yards minimum(probably about 250 yards), this is machine washable and fingering weight. Hand-dyed in a rich purple.
Click to view listing. 

This colorway reminds me of fuzzy peaches, it's so soft and mellow.This is a dk weight yarn and a size 6 needle is recommended.
Click to view listing. 

I love this skein. It takes after my previous peach/purple skeins, but the color for this one is much deeper. A size 7 needle is recommended; this is worsted/4-ply weight.
Click to view listing. 

Lion Brand - Cotton Ease in the 'Cactus' colorway. 
Per skein:
Weight Category: 4 - Worsted Weight: Afghan, Aran Yarn
3.50 oz./100 g (207 yd/188 m)
50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic
Click to view listing. 

This skein was simply dyed a forest green....nothing complicated here. As hand-dyed yarn naturally tends to have, there's still a slight variegated look to this skein which goes from the deeper to lighter tones. This is a dk weight yarn and a size 6 needle is recommended.
Click to view listing. 

Hand-painted with a pastel yellow and soft brown, this skein really reminds me of fresh straw. The colors softly blend into each other creating a range of colors in between. This is a dk weight yarn and a size 6 needle is recommended.
Click to view listing. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

DIY - Free Pattern ~ Mini Mushroom Crochet Amigurumi

These cute mushrooms were inspired by the Super Mario video game series. Why so tiny? 'Cause why not! This takes no time at all and yields some adorable results. I've made magnets and keychains from this cute amigurumi which i offer on my Etsy shop individually(view them here) as well as in sets of 3(view them here).

  1. 5 in magic circle - 5 stitches
  2. Increase all - 10
  3. (1sc, 1 increase) repeat - 15
  4. (2sc, 1 increase) repeat - 20
  5. Sc all - 20
  6. Sc all - 20
  7. (2sc, 1 decrease) repeat - 15
  8. Finish off and leave a long tail (will be used to sew the top to the bottom of the mushroom)

  1. 10 in magic circle - 10 stitches
  2. (1sc, 1 increase) repeat - 15
  3. Sc all - 15
  4. Finish off
Stuff the top with fiberfill (or your choice of filling/stuffing) and thread the tail through a yarn needle. Match up the knots of the top and bottom piece before sewing together with your preferred sewing stitch(you can view my method on the tutorial video here).


I used felt spots for my amigurumi which are about the size of a US quarter(approx 24.25mm). I glued and embroidered mine on, however either/or is enough. You can also crochet the spots, needle felt them on, use different fabrics, embroider them, or not include any at all.... so many options and it's totally up to you!

I embroidered eyes on mine to resemble the video game characters a little closer. Crochet thread was my choice(is what i had in my yarn stash), but you can use yarn, regular thread, cut the eyes out of fabric, or choose not to include them.

Want to turn then into magnets or keychains? I show you how at the end of my video tutorial(click here to view from that point!)

That is all ~ your cute amigurumi should be complete! Please feel free to sell/gift/share the items you make with this pattern but please don't take credit for the design. Do not distribute or sell this pattern as your own, but do share the link to this blog with those interested. Thank you! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Malon's Etsy Shop Update ~ 3/15/15

I have recently added 5 items to my Etsy shop, Please view them below(and check out the links). For more blurbs on said items and an appearance by Epona, check out the video!

This pillow is inspired by the Space Invaders arcade game. If you're a gamer chances are that you're familiar with this old-school classic game. This pillow features 4 characters in blue, yellow, orange and pink. Find this listing here. 

Nyan Cat made an appearance on YouTube and has since become a meme. If you cross a pop tart with a cat, add a dash of rainbow and throw it out in space, then you've got Nyan Cat!  Find this listing here. 

This pillow features characters from the Pikmin video game series... one of my favorites. I made it to commemorate my completion of Pikimin 3.  Find this listing here. 

This pillow features an adorable goat out in the field. Complete with horns and a pink cheek, his body is quite soft to the touch <3  Find this listing here. 

Isn't this little bear cute? Made in purple, he has an embroidered felt muzzle and is finished off with button eyes. Adorable!  Find this listing here. 

March things in progress!

These couple of weeks haven't given me the chance to finish many projects. I finally got the Pikmin pillow completed (check out my etsy listing and my project page) and have blocked out a couple of shawls I have done... One from January and one from February actually. They are both gorgeous!

The fingerless mitts I was working on have also been completed, and these are the most amazing pair I have made(that I have designed) to date!! I will be making some more, I love them that much... All though I'm not sure I'll be using fingering weight again. These were ma de with my February yarn pick in this beautiful blue, and I still have a little left for my scrap bin. 

Talking about montly yarn pick, my March pick was a James C. Brett Marble DK weight skein. I have also completed a stripped cowl, but do have enough left for one more project I believe...which I've yet to pick out.

My WIPs have not received much attention either. I've only completed 5 rows of my Nintendo granny square blanket in total these two weeks(project page), however I'm well ahead of my goal so it's not a huge deal. My arm also needed a break, I found that this was the culprit for my aches and pains... The break was truly appreciated. 

The thing is, I have been splitting my time between yarn and gaming. I have recently beat two games, Paper Mario Sticker Star and Yoshi's New Island, both for 3DS. As you know, my aim is to make a project inspired by the games I complete, and so have been working on a couple of projects relating to these. I have two crochet tutorials in the works and look forward to having them up by the end of the month if at all possible. I won't spoil the surprise, but they are pretty quick, easy and ideal beginner projects. Check out more chatter on my video!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Almost There Goomba & Video Game Pillows

These couple of weeks have been busy. I finished up a few of my WIPS from last year(the tunisian crochet pillows) and have made huge progress on the Goomba...he's almost done, actually. Two more rows and my blanket is officially 50% complete!! Check out all the details on my project page here. This is my biggest project ever and it truly will be awesome once complete. I plan to actually use this everyday as well, made with Red Heart Super Saver it should last quite a long time(i'm counting on it!).

I've also completed a number of hats, knit and crochet. Check these out: