Sunday, August 30, 2015

End of August Update & 1k YT Giveaway!

Hats were the theme this time around, knitted hats to be more exact. I completed 3 hats(free patterns, links in the description of the video) and am working on a 4th, a stripped Barley hat(also free).  Some life stuff has taken up my time recently which has left me with a rather small stash of worked on and finished projects. I also wasn't really into video games recently, surprisingly enough. However, i'm hoping to start on a few other projects and plan to get back to the old schedule as soon as possible.

Some very exciting news; we made it to over 1k subscribers on YouTube! That is AMAZING...thank you guys so much!! In order to celebrate we're doing a giveway of course. We will have 3 winners this time around. It's open internationally and will run for 1 week(8/31 - 9/7). To enter you need to leave a comment in the video stating you want to be entered and share what is/was your favorite craft project ever(any craft) and why.  I should have the results by the next update; good luck!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hats, Bell Bags and Foxes!

I have quite a few fox items this time around. I had to make an artic fox after beating 'Forever Alone'; this free crochet pattern is very cute(view pattern links in the video description). It also made adult size hats which was a surprise; they would be great as some kind of costume and/or theme hat. The fox basket has also finally been finished. This project took a while(for being crochet), however it was worth it. I filled it up with all my odds and partials skeins; it's a little over 3/4 full at this time. It's huge, it's floppy(until it's filled), and it's cute... i love it!

The Uncle Scrooge pillow has also been completed(to pay homage to 'DuckTales: Remastered'). I finished the crochet panel quite some time ago but more recently sewed it up and put the backing on(i chose brown felt). I'm very  happy with it in general; the colors in this one aided a very awesome and very clear picture. I also recently posted a tutorial for bell bags, inspired by the bags currency is carried in the 'Animal Crossing' games. They are my favorite! It's very easy too; feel free to check out the pattern(and vid tutorial) here

Last but not least, i knitted up a couple of hats. One is inspired by the game 'Heavy Rain' was quite a different sort of game(for me), however i ended up replaying it a number of times. None of the characters wear hats in this game, however since it's raining most of the time i would think that they'd appreciate one. The color is also pretty reminiscent of rain/cloudy sky. I also made a cute little gray hat which i stripped with my final scraps of Red Heart's Peruvian Print(it's really one of my favorite colorways when knitted). For more blurbs; check out my video!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Animal Crossing Bell Bag ~ Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial

Animal Crossing is one of my favorite game series and i've made quite a few related projects... but this is one of the cutest and most functional. I've used this as 'giftwrap' before, making it a gift in itself...for an Animal Crossing fan that was a huge win!

You can view the video tutorial below(or here); i used Red Heart Super Saver yarns(worsted weight acrylic) and an H size hook(5mm). You can change up the yarn and hook size as you please of course. Changing up the size of the bag is also pretty easy; if you're familiar with crocheting hats it's about the same concept(the bag in itself is really a long upside down hat); to make it bigger you would do more increase rows in the crown/beginning of the bag, and to make it smaller you would do less.

The star i used for this bag comes from an existing free pattern which can be found here: . I did not include how to crochet the star in my tutorial since i'm not the owner of the pattern, but it should be pretty easy to whip up. If you prefer to use another star pattern(and/or use felt which would also look great), please do so! The red tie is also pretty easy to do, however i've also used ribbon instead which also works pretty well(just tie the ends with a knot or two to avoid fraying).

Bag Pattern:
Row 1: 10 hdc in magic circle - 10 total
Row 2: Inc in all - 20
Row 3: *1 hdc, 1 inc*, repeat until the end of the row - 30
Row 4: *2 hdc, 1 inc*, repeat until the end of the row - 40
Row 5-14: hdc in each - 40
Row 15: dc in each - 40
Row 16-17: hdc in each - 40
Finish off.

Star Pattern:
Find the free crochet pattern here:
Sew the star approximately 2 hdc rows under the dc row.

Bag Tie:
Chain about 80-85(less if you want a shorter tie, more if you want a longer tie). Slip stitch into every stitch and finish off. Weave through the dc row.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

End of July Update ~ WIP's and FO's

This update seems to be largely based on video games(as it should, lol). I finished a couple of items related to some games i completed recently; both of which i love. Inspired by the 'Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask', the amigurumi Keaton(aka 3 tailed fox) is done! The pattern i used is free; i also included legs for the character, however i chose not to add those to mine. You can find more info/details on my Ravelry project page. The red scarf inspired by 'Cate West: The Vanishing Files' is also done! That was a pretty neat(and quick) game. You play as Cate, which is always styling this awesome red scarf(hence the project).

Not totally a 'completed' project, but i'm still sort of counting it....i'm speaking of the Uncle Scrooge panel inspired by 'DuckTales: Remastered'. An awesome game from back in the day for sure. Hoping to get it completed before my next update for sure. I'm also working on a very awesome(and too adorable) fox crochet basket. Mine will be huge, in order to contain all my yarny odds and ends(and probably more!). I failed to mention this one may be the project inspired by 'Never Alone', another currently completed game which also features a fox(i say maybe 'cause i have another fox project coming up).

My Nintendo inspired afghan is also closer to completion. The 3rd panel(the shoe) was a nightmare. In short, it was pretty boring to do; mostly one color. It took me forever and i'm so glad it's done(it was totally worth it). The last and final panel will feature Boo, aka the ghost.  I assume i'll be working on it through October(if not finished beforehand of course), which would be fine with me...and it would be quite fitting too, 

Last but not least, i'm working on a gray hat...that would totally remind you of rain clouds. Perfect, because this one's inspired by 'Heavy Rain', which is such a(sad) ride of a game. I had to replay this one various times to see all there is to see; all i can say is check it out if you haven't already. I know i missed mentioning a few items, as well as a few other things; if you want to know more, check out my video below.