Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby Hats and WIPs!

This week i found the 'why' behind the addiction to making hats and/or baby clothing. It's easy, quick and portable. My week was pretty full with the launch of my new website(all though not official) as well as life in general so baby hats were my to-go project.. You can check out my very newbie site at

I completed 3 baby hats, one being made from Knit Pick's Wool of the Andes(aka 100% wool). Since i don't have kids nor know many people who do(not babies anyway), donating these would be ideal. However, a wool that donate-able? If you happen to know of organizations that are open to hats as well as other baby clothing(like the cute baby                 sweater i finished last week), please share.

I've also made considerable progress on my sweater...i'm so excited! I have the back panel done and have started on one of the side panels. I'm using a Noro pattern found in Noro Knitting Patterns Jane Ellison Pure Noro(check it out!). It's a simple ribbed sweater yet i'm adding stripes for a dash of interest. I'm not using Noro yarns but rather I Love This Yarn in 'greaybeard' and 'mid green'. I can't wait until it's complete!


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