Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WIPs and FOs!

For those unfamiliar with the crochet/knitting lingo, a WIP = work in progress and FO = finished object. I have just uploaded my Cast-Off Crew video this week(where i share these wips and fos) so thought it'd be a good time to update.

Amigurumi Knits: Patterns for 20 Cute Mini Knits

I was able to re-new this book 'Amigurumi Knits' from the library and so was able to finish the carrot i was working on last week. I also finished the cute baby sweater and a hat to boot! Although still have a tiny bit of the yarn left...which will probably go to a secret project i've yet to think up! Both patterns are free via ravelry(links provided in the video description). 

I worked on the eggplant and tomato last week, as well as the Boneyarn shawl which was completed then as well...finally! It was probably one of the most boring knits of my life, but it's done! I'm very hapilly surprised how it turned out as well. At first i didn't like it much, i thought the colors were too muddled together. Seeing it complete tho, has really turned me's pretty great! I'll get around to blocking it sometime soon enough. Updates on ravelry should follow(ideally...).


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