Saturday, April 25, 2015

MD Sheep and Wool Anyone?

One more week until the MD Sheep and Wool festival and i'm quite excited. I've been putting off purchasing yarn since the beginning of the year and this event is one i put on my list that does not have that restriction. There's no specific vendors nor type or amount of yarn/fiber i'm looking for, however i've recently been thinking of getting hold of a blending board(for fiber) so i'll see what they have to offer. I'll be attending on Saturday and hope to make the Podcast meetup. I have a small list of fellow youtubers who i regularly watch that will be attending as well and i'm hoping to meet some of them in person. If you happen to be attending and would like to say hello, send me a message!

I completed my second Handbrake cowl in this awesome yellow yarn(which came with no label from a destash). I love the colorway and this project in general; i actually didn't realize until not too long ago that this(paid for) pattern includes a scarf version as well(which i want to make at some point). My current work in progress is a Sloane Shawl(paid for pattern), which has amazing texture. I'm using my monthly yarn pick for April, Quatro from Cascade Yarns. The red colorway was this month's pic, however i had the pink barber-pole colorway in my stash and decided to use it as well. I'm pretty sure my shawl will be smaller than what the pattern calls for(i don't have enough yardage), however it should make a nice size kercheif or shawlette. That reminds me that i'll also be looking for some shawl pins at MDSW.

Talking crochet, i made a pair of fingerless mitts inspired by Bravely Default. I have finally completed the game and decided to make something relating to one of my favorite character's costumes; more specifically the girl's version of the Pirate. This was an awesome game, all though a bit longer than it really had to be imo, it's been one of the longest i've played since last year for sure. I do have a couple of other ideas for projects i'd want to make relating to this game, so don't be surprised if you see a few more pop up. With this completed, i've moved on to playing Majora's Mask(also on 3DS). I played this before when it originally came out on N64 back in the day. The Legend of Zelda being one of my fave franchises, i had to pick up this version. 

Another exciting bit, we've made it to over 900 subscribers on my YouTube channel! You know what that means...a giveaway is coming! If you've seen my most recent mail-time video you also know what the prizes will be this time around(if you haven't, check it out here). Talking about mail-time videos; i'll be posting another in the short future(probably tomorrow) which includes a lot of awesomeness...and my one (huge)fail at keeping my yarn/fiber diet. Check out my video for more blurbs. 

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