Monday, February 15, 2016

Malon Makes! Baby FO's and Current WIP's - 1:1

I got a few finished projects this time around. The bulk of it has been baby items; i completed a sweater, a cocoon and hat set, bootees and have dyed yarn for a specific project i've yet to choose. It was my first time using RIT dye on wool and i'm pretty satisfied with the depth of color. Unfortunately my skeins(super-wash merino) had a few breaks in the yearn; i'm not sure why however it was definitely done before they were passed on to me. It looks like they got caught on something which snapped a few of the singles so i ended up with two multiple cakes for each(and a tiny extra bit for the blue as you can see). I also have a few baby items in the works and am looking for other projects i may want to cast or hook on.

Last but not least, i completed a cute amigurumi unicorn and am thinking of making another blanket perhaps or a large amigurumi/plushy he(soon to be here bundle of joy) can drag around eventually. Coming up with a character to make is pretty hard as there's so many and who knows what he'll be into! On the other side i might just make as many as my heart desires and let him choose which to keep... :) Check my video for more blurbs; find my links in the video description box!

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