Monday, October 1, 2012

Legend of Zelda: Magic Beans

I made this pin(yes, it's a pin!) a while ago for a challenge at a craft group. Obviously i'm a huge zelda fan ;).

Do you remember these? In Ocarina of Time the soft soil spots(where these can be planted) only appear during Link’s child era. After seven years(Link’s adult phase), they will turn into platforms which will grant Link access to certain areas otherwise impossible to reach. They also make an appearance in Majora’s Mask.They really take me back...

This guy(below) is who you got them from. I kind'a liked him, except for the fact that he would increase the price every time you bought one.

This is how it started out, 4 mini yarn balls(lol). I then crocheted the pea-pod and sewed them in place.


It's currently for sale at my etsy shop(here). You can find them here! :D 

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