Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Ride

So, we've waited 2+ years for this and it finally happened. I got tickets as a bday present for the fiance and have schedules various times but it's always been canceled for some reason or other. We drove out twice and it was canceled last minute(which wasn't great since we're at least 1.5hrs away, depending on where they lift off). But, yesterday was it.

It was a lot hotter than i expected(due to the flames) yet it was awesome. We ended up landing on private property at some kind of horse ranch. The owner was pissed and wouldn't let the others in(to retrive the basket via truck). So we ended up hauling everything to the next farm where the others were waiting. That basket is like, 600lbs...the balloon alone was 400 yet it was doable with 8 people. In the end no one was arrested and everyone got out safely(lol).


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