Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Carvin Contest(Villain Edition)!!

The deadline is this Saturday(21st)!! Check out the contest page here; they’ve already posted up some pretty awesome entries. I actually haven’t made mine yet…and i’m kind’a thinking of crocheting one since it doesn’t technically say you have to use a real pumpkin. Nor do you have to carve one mind you…check out the rules(anything goes!).

The one pictured above isn’t mine(i’m not that talented lol) it’s just my fave so far, Zelda being one of my faves and all.. :D. And don’t forget Moogle, he’s included in the 1st prize package!!! So i probably won’t win first prize(lol) but i’m still in for the others which are just as awesome(and the prize packages are huge!). There’s not many entries thus far so, more of a chance to win!!! Good luck! ;D.

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