Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Piranha Plant Pattern (+ tutorial)

This pattern is pretty easy and quick. I used red heart super saver but of course, you can choose a yarn of your choice ~ gauge is not important. I made a banner/bunting using i-chord, however you can use anything from braided/chained yarn to rope or ribbon...the options are endless! This tutorial isn't perfect. I mix up half-double crochet with double crochet a few times so try to overlook those....I suggest going by the pattern as well. Enjoy!

Before i go on, please excuse the bad pictures(i wasn't very sure i would include these in). I first made all yarny parts of my bunting and put them together. I then placed my piranhas someplace where they would be undisturbed so the details could dry overnight. Finally...my project was complete...ta-da! :)

H(5mm) crochet hook
Fabric glue

Piranha Patter and Leaf
magic loop
sc 5, turn - 5
ch 2, 2dc in same. 3dc in rest, turn - 15
ch2, 2dc in same. repeat 2dc in next, 3dc in next until last stitch 2dc in last stitch - 35
chain 5
slip stitch on 1st chain, 1sc,1dc,1sc, chain 2 turn

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