Friday, January 31, 2014

Felted Dryer Balls ~ DIY

Recently i checked out this page(blog?) regarding dryer balls( It was intriguing since they have a list of positives(no negatives? maybe the price of yarn) and they seemed pretty fun to make. In simpler terms; wind up the yarn into a ball, throw it in the wash to felt and dry....ta-da!...end of story.

I made a vid on my process(of course) where i dyed the top layer of 5. I added a 6th ball to finish up the partial skein i had left. It used up quite a bit of yarn, i haven't put them to use yet but

These are said to replace fabric softener, decrease drying time and help increase fluffiness while reducing static among other things. You would throw them in the dryer and while bouncing around with your clothes that would help the hot air circulate cutting down on drying time. As with most things, the more the merrier(and the bigger the better i assume lol).

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