Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Another Yarn and Book Haul!!

This is the last one in a good long while...or so i promised myself. I have to work on downsizing the stash!! All these new books & mags only means i have plenty of patterns to use it up, just got to get to it. I think a post about that would actually be ideal....This been a holiday weekend(July 4th in the states)
 it would be the perfect time to shop from my stash(go through your stash and pull out yarn rather than purchasing for specific patterns). Gives me something to look forward to; how exciting!

Now for the haul, i purchased a number of yarns - various skeins per colorway. Enough to make a project(i told myself), all though i didn't have anything specific picked out for any. Ideally the place i purchased from also had a special going on - spend $50 and they throw in a goodie bag. It wasn't my main reason for purchasing, but it was definitely an incentive. Was it 'worth' it? Hm, perhaps?

During my last haul i listed all the books/mags along with links for those interested. I didn't purchase quite so many this time but i think i'll do the same. Here ya go!

Fabulous Felted Hand-Knits
Knit Simple - Winter 2012
Knit Simple - Holiday 2011
Knit Simple - Holiday 2012
Knit Simple - Holiday 2010
Creative Knitting - Fall 2009(wasn't able to find this one :( ..)
Itty Bitty Nursery 
New Knits on the Block

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