Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mushroom Blanket & Back to Spinning!

Surprise surprise, it's a vid update! I did say i would do once a month, yet i kind of missed the weekly vids. So, perhaps i'll be making them biweekly instead... :)

This month has started off pretty well i think. I've been trying to really put some time into the mushroom blanket which i admit, is looking awesome... Not to mention it's reversible and looks exactly the same on the other side. All i gotta say is that crochet is amazing! It truly lends itself to so many things.

Talking about mushrooms, i'm still working on the Nintendo inspired knit panel that will hopefully become my future banner(or part of it). That's the plan anyway.... regardless i think i already know what it will become... which is a cover for my sewing machine. It will be pretty awesome once complete. I did a row of mushrooms, am about halfway done with the row of 'Boos'(aka ghosts lol), i'm a little torn as
far as what character i want to do next. To stay in theme, probably something Super Mario Brother related; i'm kind of leaning towards Goombas(one of my favorite baddies).

I also finished a couple of misc. projects, like the cute baby hat which i love in the Lion Brand Amazing yarn. The cowl i did with left over yarn of previous projects which worked out so great 'cause i got to use every little bit. I also started on the Linus shawl; i'm using sock yarn and love the stripes. The only thing i'm a little concerned about is when it gets to a certain point the stripes won't be stripes anymore, i'm unsure as to how they will muddle together as it grows bigger. Because of that, it may be on the smaller side... just have to see how it goes.

Shopping from my stash...i finally did!! I only got 3  projects picked out so far but as i browse through my books and mags(and ravelry) i'll be picking others out. These will come handy when i'm done with something and don't know what to make next, or perhaps i'm just in the mood to start something new.

Last but not least, this week i finally broke down and took out my drop spindle! I'm working on a 2 ply yarn, one ply will be white/natural color(which you see here) and the other will be a dark blue. Overall i can't wait to see how it turnes out. Will keep you guys updated! :)

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