Sunday, August 17, 2014

Epona(LoZ), WIPs & Updates

Hey guys, i only have 1 completed project this time around. I finally finished Epona, a horse amigurumi inspired by the Legend of Zelda character, aka Link's horse. It turned out pretty cute, right? I still have at least one more version to try, and this time i may use all Red Heart as opposed to Loops and Threads(or a lighter worsted weight). I also have to figure out the colorwork and/or if i want to include it in the next one. I'll probably just play around with it until i'm satisfied lol. The pattern is from 'Amigurumi Toy Box', a book full of really cute amigurumi. I checked it out from the library and decided to purchase it after, i enjoyed it that much!

My one almost complete project was another Linus shawl. I really love this pattern, and it's free(link in vid. description)! It's too easy and makes a pretty awesome shawl/scarf, i couldn't help myself. I used up a skein of Red Heart Unforgettable in the Echo colorway. I still have to measure if it's long enough or if i want it longer. If so, i may just have to add another color(i'm not sure if i have more of this colorway). Find out what happens with this on my next update! ;D

My WIPs(works in progress) consisted of the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief which is also a free pattern(link in vid. description) and a simple half double crochet baby blanket which i decided to make in purple Loops and Threads. I also did forget to show you guys my progress on that cute baby vest from the Noro Kids book. It's probably one of my fave projects to date! I'm making it in the round(as opposed to separate front and back panels via the pattern) so wish me luck for when i get to the upper parts and start on the decreases and so forth. I'm also not sure what color(s) i want to do the ribbing with, i have to dig through my stash and see what complimentary colors i have in this weight of yarn that will work. I do love this yarn though, which i got from my last swap. I had no idea it was self stripping when i received it, it would make great finger-less mitts!

Vacation updates! I got to visit a yarn shop near San Deigo which was pretty awesome. It had a large selection of Berroco yarns and was located in Chula Vista. You can find them online at, i would totally recommend visiting if you're in the area. I wish i would have taken pics but unfortunately didn't. I wasn't able to shop for as long as i could have either lol, but did come out of it with 3 awesome skeins... some James C. Brett Marble included. Seeing that yarn upclose made me realize what the buzz was all about, that's some gorgeous yarn. I also got to meet up with Zee(aka Zelda or zeldanrj3 on youtube) which was definitely one of my week's highlights. We browsed the Hollywood area and sat down to lunch and dinner. Did i mention she brought Tink along? If you're subscribed to her channel(if you like yarn you should be) then you know who i'm talking about. She's too cute, so glad we got to meet her as well. Zee taped a short vid of our time together which you can find here. It was a pretty fun time ;D.

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