Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Crafty Goals - July 2014 Update

Hey all, this month has been a little more productive than last. I'm pretty pleased with how things turned out. It seems kind'a short however, don't you think? Next time i will have my list in hand lol. Let me break it down. If  you would like to see my completed projects for the month check out my Cast-Off Crew vids uploaded in July(2 this month) and/or browse my past blogs.

Big Project This Month:
- Mushroom Baby Blanket/Lapghan(reversible)

Sweaters(make 2 this year)
- One sweater is complete
- Plans for the second are in the works!

Etsy Store Listings
- Yes! I have started to re-post those sad listings which have been expired for quite a while and i was a little too uh, laid back to re-post in a timely manner. This goes for both of my shops! Check them out at malonsshop.etsy.com & malonb.etsy.com.

Website Updates
- I've been working on my website, all though it's still under construction. Feedback is appreciated! malonsshop.com

Video Updates and Tutorials
- I had a number of video updates this month, including my stash videos(which had various parts). Check them out on my YouTube channel! I also have a number of blog updates corresponding.

- Posted one tutorial!
Lion Brand's Envelope Flatware Flatware Tutorial
Check out the related blog as well

New Stitches & Techniques
- I have lined a crochet bag
- I have learned how to add a zipper as well! :)

Patterns from my Library
- I made a number of projects using patterns found on Ravelry.
- I made at least 1 project from my book/mag library as well.

Yarn Dying & Spinning
- Yes! I actually gave spinning another try and have dyed specifically for this purpose. I have completed a skein of white/navy blue candy stripped handspun.

Use Your Stash!
- This month i've decided to go on a yarn diet. However, i already have a smallish yarn haul to show you guys(oops)...and a pretty awesome swap package. However i've been pretty good on using my stash yarn specially after my organization phase(since i actually got a chance to see the magnitude of what it has become).

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