Wednesday, September 3, 2014

AC Mice & Nintendo Panel Complete!

Hey all, another two weeks worth of items. It hasn't been my most productive but I've worked on a few things. My completed objects this time around are one Linus shawl(free pattern in vid description), as well as a couple of amigurumi mice inspired by Animal Crossing(video game), and finally my long overdue Nintendo panel.

I have thought about turning this into a cover for my sewing machine but due to the simple fact that i made a garter border, the panel itself is a little wonky. I think it would serve a better purpose if it was a pillow, which it's actually destined to become. Overall i'm pretty happy with it, however i do need plenty of pr
actice with my color-work/intarsia...which i plan to get in future projects. Love it nonetheless <3. It features the iconic mushroom, a boo(aka ghost) and the goomba, one of my fave baddies of all time. Stay tuned for next week's video when i should have the pillow complete! :)

As far as my wips, i've been working on that cute baby item from the NORO Kids booklet. Almost done with it too!! Yet i feel there's too many tails to sew in for such a tiny item. I don't like tails and don't like to sew them in does anyone? The only thing i would do differently is taking the stripes into consideration when deciding to whether or not make it in the round. I'm also not 100% sure my gauge is correct, regardless if my gauge swatch was correct(or not...and it was). In that sense, total disappointment :\. I do love the yarn though, if i may say so myself. This is Berocco Comfort DK/Sport Weight.

There's a few other misc WIPs here and there, to find out more details feel free to check out the video below. I have also started spinning some fiber that i dyed not too long ago. I'm really enjoying myself this time, trying not to get in the hype of wanting it complete sooner than later. This isn't the best or softest fiber(coopworth), yet it's the first i've ever bought for myself and at the moment the only fiber i have. So...i'm working with what i got!! Not to say i don't have more fiber coming my way... >.> shh....

 I also do want to remind you guys about my 500 Subscriber Giveway that's going on at this time(check out the video and enter here!). I'm talking about my YouTube channel, i'm thrilled and excited about the support - you guys are awesome!! It's open until the 6th(midnight eastern time) and i will pull for winners on the 7th/Sunday. I have an update video as well(check it out here) which is a short about the prizes...which are pretty great i think. Good luck!!

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