Thursday, October 9, 2014

Project Updates!

I've been lagging behind on writing blogs recently, so this kind of update was inevitable. This blog is born from laziness! Sooner or later it was time, and so here it is.

My last Cast-Off update was on Sept. 3, and since then i've decided to update every 2 weeks or so. Around every 15th and at the end/beginning of the next month sounds about right. So, only missed 2 updates here, not too shabby. No pics for this one either, since i didn't take any when i made the vids, i'm not going to try and collect all this stuff to snap a few so long after the fact. Live and learn. 

Cast-Off #69 - 9/15

FO's(finished objects):
  • I completed the baby vest from the Noro Kids book. I would not make it again, too many ends to seam in for such a tiny thing. Not worth it imo...sorry babies. 
  • I dyed some yarn in a long transitioning colorway. I plan to use it/make something and re-dye it once complete as i wasn't all too happy with the colors. 
  • Finished spinning up the 4oz of fiber i had dyed..finally...phew! 
  • The project for my swap was completed, which was a cute Snow White (tree)ornament. Unfortunately i only had a pic since i had to ship out this project. 

WIP's(works in progress):
  • Purple top/vest from Contemporary Crochet book. So close to being done.
  • Blue & White shawl, a free pattern via Ravelry - the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief.

Cast-Off #70 ~ 9/30

  • I got the chance to test out the pattern for a pretty cute crochet hat, which i made 2 of. My first was a fail(my gauge and yarn choice probably, wasn't correct). It's a free pattern, find the link in my video description! 
  • 2 Baby blankets! Awesome stash buster.
  • Blue & White shawl, finally complete! Info in the previous vid update above.
  • Tunisian Crochet Goat panel is done...and sooo cute! Although the project is not officially 'complete' (i still have to put the pillow together), the crochet part totally is so i'm letting this one slip by :P. This is for a knit/crochet along by SmellGreatGuy, find more info in my vid description.
  • The 4oz fiber i spun last time has been plied!! Took too long for my liking, but it's done. And it's awesome. 

  • Spinning some green/black/brown fiber on my giant spindle(which i made myself, heh). It's made with a clock face!
  • Working on a cowl with that long-transitioning colorway yarn. 


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