Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pikmin, Ni No Kuni and FO's

I've finished A LOT this time around. Some FO(finished object)s are great, while some are a little iffy. I've divided it up into sections(as you can see lol).


Epona from the Legend of Zelda game series. I have done a Version 1 quite some time ago and recently added the 'nose holes' aka nostrils. The head was rather large and my colorwork was not the best, in response to that i have Version 2. The color scheme was changed up a little, i skipped a few rows in the pattern when making the head overall getting something more proportioned. The colorwork is an improvement i think, and the nostrils look a lot better on this version. Will i add the saddle? I think yes... The pattern came from this awesome book, check it out! - Amigurumi Toy Box by Ana Paula Rimoli.

I've also decided to make something based on a game i have beat(completed) whenever the occasion arises. In this case, Ni No Kuni just happened to be it. Did i love it? Actually yes, very much so. I chose to make 'Mite' since he's the first familiar/creature the main character gets to join his party on his way to defeat evil. This pattern was made up on the fly. It's not perfect but i did take notes, so will revise and have it available in the future. 

Cowls, Hats & Misc
My first cowl came from a hat that was just too big and i wasn't ready to rip out all my work. By now i know my gauge is pretty off being such a loose knitter and all... this just confirmed it. So, i did some seed stitch, some 3x3 ribbing and some more seed stitch. The hat pattern it was meant to be - Seed Slouch Hat - is a free pattern i found via Rav(elry). I did end up knitting the actual pattern with smaller needles and a thinner yarn which gave me a wearable item.

The baby hat was also from a free set of patterns also found on Rav - Two Lace Baby Hats. Too adorable, love the results and it was a pretty quick knit. With that, i'll pair the baby blanket which is a simple granny square stripe made with some I Love This Yarn and Mid Green and Gray Mist. It's pretty small as it's preemie size, it will be going to Kim in a few weeks.

The two other cowls are pretty similar. The first i made was to use up some scrap yarn and is also a tight cowl which should fit snugly around your neck(my neck, 'cause i'm keeping this one). It's simple ribbing with a few cable twists thrown in. The second cowl was made with the super-wash i dyed in green and black. I'm still trying to decide if i like this color or i'll be over-dying it....probably the lather. It's a similar ribbing with a few cables, and yes, i'm also keeping this one. It's the softest to date and actually my first time making something with my hand-dyed.

The purple vest is also finally complete! I had to order some more yarn but it was well worth it... It will be getting much use this fall/winter for sure; It's an awesome layering piece. The pattern came from Contemporary Crochet. To date that's my most used book of patterns, and still have a handful i want to make. My top was a little short so opted to add a ribbed border at the bottom until it was my preferred length...worked like a charm. 

I finished spinning the green/brown/black fiber which came
out to be 74 yards/1.8 oz with the weight falling somewhere between an aran & chunky. The purple/yellow fiber i dyed earlier on was 4 oz and gave me 273 yards of a dk/fingering weight. It's not all that evenly spun so if have worsted or even chunky bits in there, it wouldn't surprise me. I'm now working on some red/pink fiber which is really a WIP(work in progress)...

Pikmin tunisian crochet pillow...i'm so close to being done with this. It falls under my finished/completed games this year(Pikmin 3) which was a pretty quick yet fun game. I think next time i use this chart, i will have a different color pallet. 

The only other project is a rectangle shawl, also a free pattern all though this one's from the Michael's website. It was written for their Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn which i happen to be using in a purple hue. I'm treating this one as a long term project to sort of tie me over in between other

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