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Amigurumi Power-Up Mushroom - Free Pattern

Amigurumi Power-Up Mushrooms
by Malon Bruce

This pattern is worked in the round. It’s rather simple since it only uses the basic single stitch(st), slip stitch(sl), increase(inc) and decrease(dec) stitches. I also like to use the ‘magic circle’ technique to start off but it’s not necessary. You could simply chain 2 and work row 1 in the 2nd stitch from hook.


  • Red/Blue/Green/Purple yarn(depending on which mushroom you are working on)
  • White yarn for the bottom portion
  • Felt for the spot details
  • Fabric paint/needle and thread to sew/glue on spots
  • Black yarn/crochet thread for the eyes
  • Embroidery needle
  • Fiberfill (or you filling of choice)
  • H hook (use your preferred size to make a fabric tight enough so the stuffing doesn't show through
  • Stitch markers/something to mark your rows with(I used scrap piece of yarn)

1. 6 in magic circle =6
2. increase all =12
3. increase all =24
4. *1st, 1 increase* repeat =36
5.-11. sc st for 7 rows =36
12. *1sc, 1 decrease* repeat =24
13. *2sc, 1 decrease* repeat =1814. Finish off and leave a long tail to sew to the bottom.

**At this point make sure to COUNT the number of stitches you have. I have ended up with less/more plenty of times due to unknown increase/decreasing. The exact number does not matter as much as knowing how many there are so you know how to adjust the bottom part of the mushroom. This will make the sewing go ever so smoothly and will let you match up stitch per stitch.

1. 6 in magic circle =6
2. Increase all =12
3. *6 st, 1 increase* repeat (this is where you would inc/dec in order to match the number of stitches you ended up with on the top) =18
4. Sc all =18
5. Turn work around and st 9 creating ‘tab’ =9
6. Slip stitch and finish off.

** The ‘tab’ here will be the face of the mushroom and give the top a slanted look. Make sure you only sew the actual stitches together and don’t count the side of the tab as a stitch.

Putting it all together:
Now you put both pieced together and sew away! The matching number of stitches makes it easy; and don’t forget to stuff before you close up your work. Keep in mind the ‘tab’ on the bottom part of the mushroom will serve as the face, so I usually like to have the finished off end of the top centered on the back for a more clean and finished look.

Eyes: I used black crochet thread, but any yarn/embroidery thread will do. You can also use felt, fiber paint, buttons, it's up to you. Position eyes about 2 stitches apart (use pictures as a guideline).

**I glued on the felt spots and embroidered around them for reinforcement. It’s not necessary, you could do one or the other.

Spots: For the red/blue/green mushrooms I made my spots out of felt and about1 ½ inches(or 4mm) in diameter. You will need 5 spots per mushroom. Center one on the top and put the other 4 around in a uniform fashion.

For the poison mushroom i used felt for the skull and crochet thread to embroider the ‘teeth’. I also painted on the eyes/nose with 3d fabric paint before gluing and embroidering on but you can definitely sew them on use felt.

This is an original pattern by Monica Jeriah (August 2009). Please do not claim this pattern as your own,
make copies of or publish on any CD, collection, publication or website without permission. Buying this
pattern gives you the right to use it for your own personal use but you may not sell or distribute it, or sell
any items made from this pattern. Photos are also property of Monica Jeriah.

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