Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Surprise; Update Time!

How long has it been since i've done an update on my finished projects and what i'm working on? I'm not quite sure; i don't recall the last things i've shared either(and i don't plan to go and find out, lol). I grabbed what i remembered making and all though i don't have a few of these items to show anymore, i think i got most of them.

I've finished a number of things, including a cowl for my Secret Santa Rav swap(all thought i don't have a pic of the completed cowl; it was sewn together of course- find the pattern here) as well as a headband and an item that was already in use(a crochet container for small misc items on my bath counter). I also finished my gift cat hat(at last!). I was iffy about this one 'cause there is a (very noticeable?) seam in the front of the hat and i wasn't sure if it required an embellishment(or not). What do you think? This is a very cute free pattern you can find here.

Now let's talk about(more) cowls. I finally finished one that has actually been done for some time, but i was rather unhappy with the color of the yarn. I decided to over-dye this project and ta-da! Love how it turned out(and it may be a future pattern in the works). I also finished a crochet cowl(great free pattern by Nina, find it here) which is just up my alley. I love close-to-the-neck cowls and this totally fits the bill; i also really like the neutral color i chose for this pattern. It would be amazing in any color really(and i do plan to make some more).

My one huge thing was my sweater - I'm so glad it's complete(this is a free patter you can find here)! I finished it last week actually, but i've yet to wash/dry before i let myself wear it out. It fits pretty well and i love the colors that i chose. This pattern would also make a great cardigan/open sweater so am looking to alter the pattern and make it again w/ that purpose. I decided against duplicate stitching something on it, as i thought it  would take away from the stripes.

The Animal Crossing game series inspired the amigurumi cake i worked up which i will be posting a pattern for(eventually, haha). It's not exactly to scale so may tweak it a little(and/or offer both sizes, we'll see!). I am also participating in another Secret Santa(not Rav related) which is the funnest one yet. This has more of a geeky approach; the person i'm gifting is into games as i am and by coincidence also happens to knit! This is amazing; to share the love of yarn i dyed her a custom skein of Superwash Merino/230 yds in various hues of green(her fave color). I'm also working on a Piranha Plant decorative pillow(reminiscent of the Super Mario Brothers games) and am waiting for a couple of items i ordered to arrive before sending out her package. Soo excited!

My works in progress consist of a ribbed knit sushi scarf(if you guys recall my crochet version you can check out here, i will similarly write up a recipe/pattern for) as well as a purple shawl i've started quite some time ago and um, anything else mentioned above.

Recently i have also made quite a few purchases due to the black friday/cyber monday sales and i've got a few of them already. I made a video sharing my yarn haul from Knit Picks, and if you guys have seen my current videos know i have purchased a spinning wheel(and that it has arrived!). I'm still waiting for a couple of other fiber purchases; once i have received them i will be posting up a general black friday/cyber monday haul blog where i talk about all my purchases during this time. I also have a video on how i put my spinning wheel together, it's more to share the experience rather than a how-to video, and will be posting a blog with pictures and commentary eventually. All in all, it's hasn't been a bad 3-4 weeks!

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