Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Wrap-Up!

This month has been pretty great. I've completed a total of 9 projects, one of them being an adult crochet sweater that was completed from start finish this month. That's pretty good for me, last year i've had times where i didn't get anything done in a couple of weeks. I have a blog up where i'll be listing my projects completed each month; don't forget to check it out every now and then! I'll also try to make project pages(on Rav) for them as well.

As mentioned, the biggest accomplishment is the crochet sweater i made for my husband. It's a good and easy enough pattern, all thought i did have to alter the body a little(the small size was too big). I'm happy with the re
sults, and i did manage to use up a whole jumbo skein of Red Heart Super Saver(and then some). I'm not sure i like the look of it, as far as the material of the fabric goes. After making knitted sweaters, i think that's what i prefer.

I also completed a scrap cowl as well as a shawl made with Loops and Threads Impeccable. I love that yarn, it's really one of my faves. The shawl turned out great, i love the final product and the pattern was really simple/easy to memorize. I have to thank a fellow yarny friend for that one, who gifted me a booklet with the pattern(all though you can purchase it in Rav).

Last but not least my WIPs. Another great stash buster project is my Video Game crochet blanket... It will be a long while before it's complete but i'm ahead of schedule so no worries there. I'm also making another cowl in garter stitch, using the carry-the-yarn when making stripes technique(i don't know if it actually has a name...).

I also purchased a couple of skeins, but i didn't really do it on purpose. When i made the purchase i didn't even think twice, it only came to me after the fact and honestly i wasn't going to return it for that reason. They are missing quite a bit of info, however they feel like wool and are soft enough... i'll be able to use them for something. Going back to the game afghan for a second, i'm not sure if i actually have enough yarn for this so may have to purchase some in the long run... which i will do if that means i'm purchasing for a specific reason(not to simply add to my stash). Ideally i'll get to that point at the end.

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