Monday, May 18, 2015

Project Updates & Fiber Spinning

I got a couple of projects completed this time around; among those is the Kimono-belt inspired cowl based on a character's costume from one of my recently completed games; Bravely Default on 3DS. You can check out my project page for more info here. I love it actually, and think the bow is such a cute embellishment(it covered the jog too!). Talking about games, i have also recently finished DuckTales: Remastered. This was a remake of the original NES game from back in the day; I can really say it was thoroughly enjoyed. What has this inspired? Hm, i'm torn between something via tunisian crochet or a knitted colorwork project. I should have something in the works by next time for sure so stay tuned for that!

I finished another Poppy hat using my yarn of the month pick, I Love This Yarn in a blue tweed colorway. I'm working on a baby sweater that will hopefully take care of the rest of the skein, since my aim is to use all or as much of it as I can. Some progress has also been made with one of my KALs, which is the INFINICATS cowl(project page here). I still have some ways to go, but so far I love the colors and the charts are so fun to work. Last but not least, I started on a sweater, it will be my first bottom-up and the first where I'm using 100% wool (rather than my usual synthetics). This is a Knit Picks Bulky yarn in a very gorgeous blue hue called Bluebird; you can view my project page on Rav here. I barely started on this project but there's no rush, as the hot weather has just started in my neck of the woods. 

Spinning has taken a lot of my time these last couple of weeks, not to mention my blending board has finally arrived. I finished spinning a couple of fiber batts(and rolags) that will be resting a few days before plying. The blending board is amazing and so much fun to play with. I made two batts and spun those in the same yarn in order to make a transitioning color yarn(ideally, will have to see the results after plying). I have plenty of fiber to play around still... If I could go back and forth between spinning, making batts and knitting/crocheting all day everyday I totally would! The other fiber I spun was some I picked up at the recent MD Sheep and a Wool festival. The colors are a little more muted than I would have liked after being spun, yet the fiber was a dream to work with and spun very smoothly. Eventually I would like to take inspiration from the colors in this fiber to make a yarn with bigger color sections. That's pretty much it, as usual check out the vid for more blurbs!

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