Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Yarn & Fiber Haul!

My first purchase was some amazing fiber from Expertly Dyed (check out her etsy shop here). I purchased from her before and always love her stuff; i also suggest checking out Jennifer's YouTube channel specially if you're into spinning dying and/or learning more about fiber in general. 

These 4 batts were purchased with the idea of spinning two of them together, as each are around 2oz each. I got two of the green batts (really did remind me of grass, i'm thinking if i should spin these next) in the 'Textured Grass Block' colorway. The other two have already been spun and are getting a few days of rest before plying; these will become a transitional 2-ply yarn. The yellow color was 'Banana Glama' while the orangy red is 'Harris & Donegal'. All these batts are a mix of many fibers, too many to list here but if you want more details check out my handspun project page on Rav here. These have really inspired me while making batts or rolags on my blending board. 

My other purchase from Etsy was a cute project bag from Southpaw Creations featuring some woodland animal. I didn't take a picture of it but do check out the cuteness in my video below. Erin also has a YouTube channel i suggest checking out if you like to see other's finished projects and/or if you're inspired by such(i know i am). I've also purchased from this shop before... i can only say good things. She's recently put up a couple of new styles as well. 

Last but not least, my yarn haul from Discontinued Brand Name Yarn... so much for being on a yarn freeze, lol. I stocked up on a sweater's quantity of Lamb's Pride Superwash in the 'Turf Green' colorway, 8 skeins in total. I have really been into green lately and am craving to make a sweater out of this sort of color, i just have to find the perfect one! I stocked up on a couple of yarns which i have purchased last time as well, these are the Cherry Tree Hill Yarn Supersock Select in the 'Bark' and 'Apricot' colorways, i got 2 skeins of each. They also had some Cherry Tree Hill Yarn that i had to get my hands on, the Broad Band Supersock. These have large color blocks in the most interesting palettes, i got 5 in total (African Gray, Cherry Blossom, Old Rose, Birches and Spring Frost). I plan to choose one of those to gift to a lucky person when my 1k YouTube subscriber giveaway happens as well so keep an eye out for that! 

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