Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hats, Shawl and Misc.

I got a few things done before leaving for NY and had some time to work on a few others during the drive(to and from). Hats seem to be the theme for this update, as i have quite a few completed this time around. I made some Poppy hats... this is a free pattern via ravelry and it has to be my favorite to date. I love the way it's worked, it's pretty quick and it's taught me a lot about short rows.

I aimed to use up all of one of my favorite Red Heart SS Colorway - Peruvia Print - and didn't have quite enough to make a second hat so used some gray as well. I also whipped one up with some DK weight in a blue/purple color that came from a swap and last but not least, i used some of my hand dyed Superwash in a pretty fun colorway. I don't use my own hand dyed yarns often enough... it's about time! More projects will be made out of this, as i found out i enjoy using yarns made or dyed by me quite a bit :).

Only 3 projects came with me while on my trip and only 2 got worked on. The one that was completed was a crochet shawl/kerchief which turned out pretty awesome actually; it's a free pattern as well, i'm not sure why it doesn't have more projects(i thought it was so nice and super fast). Check it out on Rav via my project page here. I used up my yarn pick for the month of June on this and it was a really great pairing. It was my first time using Vanna's Sequins yarn and my experience was positive regardless of the minor hiccups(ie shredded skein). The other i worked on was the Arabella Sahwl(also a free pattern), i got a panel of the shawl done and started on the 4th.

My current tunisian crochet project also came along but i didn't have a chance to work on it at all. This one is based on a current video game i completed, Ducktales Remastered. This pillow will feature Uncle Scrooge, the 8 bit version. I had also finished crocheting the pieces for an amigurumi i made inspired by the LoZ: Majora's Mask, just did not have the chance to stuff and put together yet. This will be the Keaton character and i already know it will come out adorable! I'm looking forward to what this week brings for sure. Check out my video for more blurbs!

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