Friday, July 24, 2015

Nintendo World Haul! NYC

During my New York visit at the beginning of the month i visited the Nintendo World store in New York City and left with a small haul. I was fortunate enough to stay at the Millennium Hotel(about 2-3 blocks away) which enabled me to visit it on a daily basis. I would have loved to shop there daily, but my real reason to visit was to make use of the Street Pass feature on my 3DS'. I don't leave my house without it :).

They had a Legend of Zelda display section that featured most, if not all of the games in the series; it was pretty amazing. It included Zelda merchandise and collectibles - my favorite had to be the character figurines; i wouldn't mind having some to add to my collection eventually. They also had a specific section based on Majora's Mask. I don't think my pictures captured it in its entirely... however it was pretty neat. My favorite game(other than Occarina of Time) is The WindWaker, the display for this was my favorite section as well. They had these tiny figures that i've yet to start collecting(that's if i decide to, lol).  They also had an awesome larger figure of Princes Zelda, i was looking for Link but unfortunately i didn't find him(perhaps i just missed it?).

The first day in NY it was pouring. Don't ask me how but i totally forgot to take a jacket or something with a hood with me. In the case that it would rain again, i got a Zelda/Triforce themed hooded sweater. It didn't rain much more during the rest of my trip so didn't actually get to use it, but in general i know i definitely will. I also picked up a blue shirt that simply says 'Nintendo World, NY' as well as a shirt one of my friends picked up for me last month while the store celebrated their 10th year anniversary. They didn't offer the limited edition shirt online, so it was awesome that he was able to pick me up one. It came with a collectors coin as well(which you can see in the pics).

I got a Boo plushie to go along with my Goomba. I love him, he's so big and plump, lol! Talking about plushies, I got a small ? Block from the Toys R Us in Time's Square as well. It may be tiny but it's awesome, specially because it makes the sounds(and fortunately has an on/off switch lol). I picked up a couple of smaller things from Nintendo World as well; a cute Mario pin and a handy Bullet Bill keychain. Overall, it was an amazing time. Check out the video for more blurbs and pictures.

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