Saturday, August 15, 2015

Animal Crossing Bell Bag ~ Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial

Animal Crossing is one of my favorite game series and i've made quite a few related projects... but this is one of the cutest and most functional. I've used this as 'giftwrap' before, making it a gift in itself...for an Animal Crossing fan that was a huge win!

You can view the video tutorial below(or here); i used Red Heart Super Saver yarns(worsted weight acrylic) and an H size hook(5mm). You can change up the yarn and hook size as you please of course. Changing up the size of the bag is also pretty easy; if you're familiar with crocheting hats it's about the same concept(the bag in itself is really a long upside down hat); to make it bigger you would do more increase rows in the crown/beginning of the bag, and to make it smaller you would do less.

The star i used for this bag comes from an existing free pattern which can be found here: . I did not include how to crochet the star in my tutorial since i'm not the owner of the pattern, but it should be pretty easy to whip up. If you prefer to use another star pattern(and/or use felt which would also look great), please do so! The red tie is also pretty easy to do, however i've also used ribbon instead which also works pretty well(just tie the ends with a knot or two to avoid fraying).

Bag Pattern:
Row 1: 10 hdc in magic circle - 10 total
Row 2: Inc in all - 20
Row 3: *1 hdc, 1 inc*, repeat until the end of the row - 30
Row 4: *2 hdc, 1 inc*, repeat until the end of the row - 40
Row 5-14: hdc in each - 40
Row 15: dc in each - 40
Row 16-17: hdc in each - 40
Finish off.

Star Pattern:
Find the free crochet pattern here:
Sew the star approximately 2 hdc rows under the dc row.

Bag Tie:
Chain about 80-85(less if you want a shorter tie, more if you want a longer tie). Slip stitch into every stitch and finish off. Weave through the dc row.

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