Monday, August 17, 2015

Hats, Bell Bags and Foxes!

I have quite a few fox items this time around. I had to make an artic fox after beating 'Forever Alone'; this free crochet pattern is very cute(view pattern links in the video description). It also made adult size hats which was a surprise; they would be great as some kind of costume and/or theme hat. The fox basket has also finally been finished. This project took a while(for being crochet), however it was worth it. I filled it up with all my odds and partials skeins; it's a little over 3/4 full at this time. It's huge, it's floppy(until it's filled), and it's cute... i love it!

The Uncle Scrooge pillow has also been completed(to pay homage to 'DuckTales: Remastered'). I finished the crochet panel quite some time ago but more recently sewed it up and put the backing on(i chose brown felt). I'm very  happy with it in general; the colors in this one aided a very awesome and very clear picture. I also recently posted a tutorial for bell bags, inspired by the bags currency is carried in the 'Animal Crossing' games. They are my favorite! It's very easy too; feel free to check out the pattern(and vid tutorial) here

Last but not least, i knitted up a couple of hats. One is inspired by the game 'Heavy Rain' was quite a different sort of game(for me), however i ended up replaying it a number of times. None of the characters wear hats in this game, however since it's raining most of the time i would think that they'd appreciate one. The color is also pretty reminiscent of rain/cloudy sky. I also made a cute little gray hat which i stripped with my final scraps of Red Heart's Peruvian Print(it's really one of my favorite colorways when knitted). For more blurbs; check out my video!

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