Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Magfest Recap!

Magfest was pretty great this year. It ran Jan.2-5 at the Gaylord National Harbor in MD(where's it's been the last few times if not longer). I attended all days except Sunday and it was pretty tiring. Taking pictures was also something i gave up on; so many people/cos-players and so little time plus all the events...it couldn't be done. But if you guys want to view there's plenty of other videos/pictures out there you can find(via youtube and other means).

I got to see the 2 performances i was mostly looking forward to; the Guitar Bros and the Triforce Quartet. Got some vid. of both(all tho still haven't uploaded all of them up to my channel....talk about putting it off), all pretty amazing and inspiring. Here's the one i managed to upload thus far, the LoZ Medley(pretty long).

I also got some gaming goods. I found there wasn't as many vendors with Japanese licensed merchandise as i recalled in the past(or perhaps i'm thinking of another con?) which was a little sad since that's what i like to collect, but did find some awesome stuff. I made a video as well(with some stuffs i'm not showing here) which i probably already threw in here someplace. 

For those who always attend and/or plan to next year, i'll definitely see you there! And please remember your antiperspirant/deodorant; don't let the stank of this year repeat itself.

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