Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dip Dye Yarn ~ LoZ: Link and Zelda Colorways

Dying yarn is one of the most awesome things, as well as coming up with different colorways. Of course, i had to make some Zelda inspired. I have dyed a few other characters as well(lol), but this time around i'll be showing you Link and Zelda specifically.

To note, i prefer to dye superwash wool(as i don't have to worry about mishandling since it won't felt), yet when doing the Link colorway i did a bulky non-superwash 100% wool skein as well. I used liquid food coloring dyes(the neon and regular variety), vinegar & water, pyrex glass containers and the microwave as my heat source. I didn't note the amount of water or vinegar i generally used in each dye bath, but did note the amount of dye for each.

You can see my setup from the pictures, and how i divided the skeins into each dye bath. You'll also see the skeins before and after re-spinning :).

Zelda Colorway
Dusty Rose(dark pink):
Red - 36 drops
Blue - 12 drops

Neon Pink - 13 drops

Yellow - 13 drops

Link Colorway
Neon green - 75 drops

Yellow - 20 drops

Red - 10 drops
Yellow - 10 drops
Green - 10 drops
Blue - 10 drops
Black - 1 drop

These are finally up at my etsy shop! Find them here;
Zelda Colorway
Superwash Link Colorway
Bulky 100% Wool Link Colorway

Note: There is no right or wrong way to dye yarn or fiber. You can use any kind of dye, apply as much or as little as you want, anywhere and/or anyhow...etc you get my drift.

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