Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sushi Scarf, Space Invaders and Animal Crossing

This week was inspired mostly by video games. Not sure why, but it just was! I finished off a space invader panel(and will probably be making a tutorial while working on the other side) which ultimately will become a mini-pillow. It turned out pretty cute i think :) .

I also completed another Animal Crossing inspired hat, baby size version. This one is the 'purple knit hat' you find in New Leaf and i love how it turned out. I'm brainstorming on what other items i can make inspired from this game, it truly is one of my faves.

Lastly, i finally got somewhat of a tutorial up. If you haven't seen my prior post(or video), i made a sushi roll--up scarf. Making one is super easy and the idea of it is open to anything. If you want to find out more check out my blog post here and my DIY vid here. I won't go into details 'cause i would just be repeating myself lol. :)

I'm still working on my sweater as well...and i'm so excited...i only have one more sleeve to go! Yay! It's almost summer here so i don't know how much use i'll get out of it once complete(by the ends of June i hope), still i'm just excited to have it done. When it gets cooler i'll definitely be giving it some ware. My socks...are still in progress. I think i won't bring them back up until complete('cause i'm surely taking my time with the pair). And finally the purple shawl. So far it's pretty great all though time consuming...mostly due to my inability to follow directions it seems lol. I had to frog a few rows more than once 'cause i couldn't follow the chart correctly. No fault of the pattern of course, in the end i know it'll be worth it(and i'm getting much needed practice).

Another 'finally', i posted something new to my yarn shop! I also shared the recipe with you guys on how i dyed the Legend of Zelda inspired yarns; Link and Zelda specifically. For any dyer out there, i hope it serves as inspiration. The yarns are for sale at my shop here as well, of course :). Check out my recipe blog post here. I'm not sure if i'll make a video for these specific colorways, however next time i dye something Legend of Zelda related i'll try to record and will definitely record in order to make one(and won't forget to remind you guys of these).

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