Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FO's! ~ Mushroom Cuff & Animal Crossing Inspired

Hey all! I have a few finished objects(FOs) this week. To start things off, i have 'finished'(aka sewed up) the mushroom cuff i did a couple of weeks ago. I've decided to make some in cotton so i could use them at the gym. Is that...kind of gross? I don't always forget to take my towel, but when i do i'd want to use one of these cuffs lol. The cotton version is in the works and will update accordingly.

The Animal Crossing game series was also a big inspiration for me this week. Remember i told you i felt torn between gaming and yarn projects? Well this helps to balance things out, as it's easy to game on the go and/or wherever i please. What i love about the game is how much you can be inspired by, specially when it comes to charts and/or clothing items(you can design in the game as well via charts which are totally usable with any other craft, knitting/crochet included). I've always been a fan and i know i always will be.

So, what has it inspired me to do this week? I tried to replicate the 'Orange Knit Hat' i found at the Able Sister's Shop the other day. This is newborn/baby size and it came out rather close i think. I also finished the sheep amigurumi and will be shipping the couple off this weekend. They make a good match, don't you think? They were a custom order and seem to be a couple in this person's Animal Crossing town. Too cute! :)

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