Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Animal Crossing and Projects Update!

I finally completed the larger version of the Animal Crossing inspired amigurumi cake. I'm thinking whether to make a video tutorial and if i should wait until it's uploaded before releasing the pattern(s) or just add it on later on. Hmm, i guess it will depend how soon i can get that done, we shall see! I used the same toppings(strawberries/candles/etc) for the larger version than i did for the small one, just made the cake itself a little bigger. I may make one more to re-test the pattern before releasing it(this will be a free one btw).

Talking about Animal Crossing, i got the most awesome thing via a Secret Santa swap. My partner is also into amigurumi and crochet, so she made me a Bell Bag!! It's pretty cute. She also included a piranha plant cross-stitch necklace(and/or key-chain). She's located in Canada and has an Etsy shop as well. Check her out here! She makes a lot of video game related goods, i'd say she's definitely worth a look. *Update, i think her shop is on break...but do go and check it out once she's back!

The next projects are smallish in size and are for gifting actually. I finished the cute cat hat and have decided to add buttons to the 'seam', as i found it pretty noticeable(however i knew exactly where it was, so...). I also did a couple of simple finger-less gloves. The stripped one is pretty awesome, and due to my laziness of sewing in ends i ended up doing the magic knot technique on every stripe. I pretty much eyeballed it as far as where to change yarn and it's not perfect, but it's close enough. From now on i think i'm doing this for stripes(unless they do have to be perfect for some reason). These were a simple 3x2 rib. The purple ones are 2x2 rib, and turned them into tiny cables to add some texture since they would be pretty plain otherwise. I also tried out making a cable on the thumb gusset...wasn't very hard at all and am quite satisfied with the results.

I worked on my current brown sweater as well, i actually started on one of the sleeves. You can see the body of the sweater is complete, an open cardigan was exactly what i was going for. I really like this pattern, all though unfortunately i had to adjust due to my gauge, it turned out great. It's a free one from tincanknits, you can find it here. I made quite a few adjustments to mine, i'm also doing a couple of stripes in a cream/aran color on the sleeves. I should be done with it for the next update! You can check out my project page on Rav for more details(all though not completely up to date).

I worked on a couple of hats(a baby and adult sized) from one of my favorite free patterns, Be Kind. I gave the double knit technique a try as well. My swatch wasn't the best really, i probably should have used a smaller needle size (my gauge i'm telling you...), so will keep at it until i'm satisfied with it and then decide if i do in fact want to use this technique for a project(or not). It would make an awesome cowl/scarf. I'm still iffy on whether i like charted characters knitted up(or not).

I worked on some spining and have finished off two skeins that are ready to be worked. Actually, i lie... one is ready to use, however the other is ready to dye and then have the twist set. I'm not sure what color yet, but i know it'll come to me! It was my first time plying on my wheel and it went pretty smoothly. I decided to navajo ply it since i spun this yarn a little thin, making it into a 2-ply would still be a little thin for my taste. Definitely not as hard as i thought, i'm looking forward to doing more. That's all for now i think; in the meantime check out my Cast-Off video below!

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