Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's been quite a productive week...

Due to the productivity this week, i decided to update. Also, because i will probably forget to show half of these by the 2 week mark(all thought i'm trying to get better at that!). I finished all of my WIPs from last week(save the piranha plant swatch) and then some. I also completed an awesome cowl i made w/ the hand-spun, as well as added a crochet sweater to my WIP list.

I'm going to update this the easiest way possible which is including some tidbits of information along with the picture. As usual, you can find my Cast Off Crew video below as well. As a bonus, i'm also sharing my awesome new Animal Crossing themed project bags made by The Patchwork Peaches (on Etsy). She is a new podcaster as well, check out her channel here. They came just in time too, i plan to use one as a purse(or at least carry my WIPs around in) to the convention i'll be attending this weekend(Magfest). You can view my mail-time video here.

Sockhead Hat in Lion Brand's Sock Ease, Sourball. View my project page herefree pattern!

Bernat's Cable Baby Blanket in I love This Yarn, Mid Green and Gray(?). View my project pagea free pattern!

Cable and Gusset Mittens in Loops & Threads Charisma, Mountain Majesty.  View my project page - Pattern from the 'Circular Knitting Workshop' book.

Bandana Cowl made in my 100% Coopworth(hand-spun and hand-dyed). View my project page - This is a Free Pattern!

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