Sunday, January 4, 2015

Monthly Yarn Club ~ 2015

I decided to dig through my stash and pick out 12 skeins/colorways I would specifically want to work with this year. They aren't any one kind of yarn/blend/weight in particular, but all are beautiful skeins, old and new(er), which I just haven't had a chance to work through yet. Some have been in my stash for a few years, probably since I've started my yarn journey! Others are more recent buys that are just as beautiful. There's a variety of commercial yarns and not so commercial yarns,  as well as a variety of fiber(fiber content) and weights. I didn't number my bags either, I think that will just add to the surprise element ;). 

I did go a step further and somewhat browsed ravelry while i updated these in my stash, for projects I tagged and/or are in my queue. If I happen to really like a specific project I'd want to see with any specific yarn, I noted the details and included it via note in the package. Not to say I have to make that specific item, it's more of a dash of Inspiration. I also noted if I have more of the yarn in my stash, if I happen to want to make a larger project(I'm on a yarn ban as well!), this should come in handy to use up more of it. 

Last but not least, here is the bunch! I'll have my hubs pick one out every month. I'll also be updating with links to the projects these awesome yarns have created(i imagine most may be ravelry project pages, so if you're not in ravelry you should really think of joining! It's an amazing resource at the least).  Check out my video update regarding the yarn club here

Talinay by Ester Bitran Hand - Dyes
Colorway: 214
165yards/100grams p/skein - I'm including the 2 in my stash
100% Wool
October Pick!
No Project :(

Araucania Pomaire Solid
Discontinued :(
Colorway: 68
208 yards / 100 grams p/skein - This is the only one!
100% Cotton
November Pick!
No Project

Plymouth Yarn Encore Colorspun Worsted
Colorway: 7652  
200 yards / 100 grams p/skein - This is the only one!
75% Acrylic / 25% Wool
January Pick!
Check out my knitted leg warmers here

Plymouth Yarn Encore Tweed
200 yards/ 100 grams - This is the only one!
75% Acrylic / 22% Wool / 3% Rayon
September Pick!
Check out my Soho Scarf!

Loops & Threads Impeccable 
268 yards / 128 grams p/skein- Other colorways in my stash
100% Acrylic 
December Pick!
Check out my Seed Stitch Cowl!
Check out my Poppy Hat!

Lion Brand Vanna's Sequins
157 yards / 50 grams p/ skein - 3 total in my stash
93% Acrylic / 7% Polyester
June Pick!
Check out my Wisteria Shawl!

Cherry Tree Hill Yarn Potluck Worsted
New Grass
270 yards / 100 grams - This is the only one :(
100% wool
August Pick!
No project 

Cascade Yarns 220 Quatro
Discontinued :(
Didn't catch the colorway! I do have 1 other colorway in my stash that will work with this if needed. 
220 yards / 100 grams
100% wool
April Pick!
Check out my Sloane Shawl!

Cherry Tree Hill Yarn Fine Highland Wool
494 yards / 100 grams - This is the only one!
100% Wool
February Pick!
Check out my Age & Brass Kerchief!
As well as my Fingerless Mitts!
Check out my Garter Ear Flap Hat!

Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima
Didn't catch the colorway - This is the only one!
220 yards / 100 grams
100% Cotton
July Pick!
Check out my One Row Lace Scarf!

Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! Tweed
251 yards / 140 grams - I have a couple of other colorways in my stash if needed
100% Acrylic
May Pick!
Check out my Baby Cardigan!
Check out my Poppy Hat!

James C. Brett Marble DK
Not sure about the colorway
262 yards / 100 grams - This is the only one! :(
100% Acrylic
March Pick!
Check out my Purl Ridge Hat!
Check out my Trapezoid Cowl!

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