Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nintendo Baby Blanket, Llama and Misc.

I finally finished the ? Block Nintendo inspired baby blanket and i'm so excited! It took a while but it's done and it looks great to boot. I'll be waiting closer to April to give it a final wash so it's ready for use :). Since my last update i also whipped up a cute amigurumi llama(find links in the video description, this was a free pattern) as well as a knit hat, ear warmer and have a couple of things in the works. Overall i've fell into a lazy state recently and don't want to do much, however at the least i can sit back and do a row or two here and there on whatever project i happen to be working on. Hoping to have something to show next time! View the video for more blurbs and some channel and life updates.

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