Friday, January 8, 2016

Monthly Yarn Club ~ 2016 (& 2015 wrap up)

Last year was the first that i did the personal monthly yarn club. The concept is picking 12 skeins(i picked some from my existing yarn stash) and picking one at random every month to use for a project. I'm doing the same this year.

2015 was pretty exciting in all sorts of ways. I got the biggest news ever; i'm expecting and waiting patiently for my bundle of joy to arrive this April. I also almost reached my goal of beating/completing 1 game a month(i did 10) which is a huge improvement from previous years. As far as the monthly yarn club goes, i was 3 shy of reaching my goal and i didn't technically finish all the projects for the used skeins either(a couple are still in the works making them WIPs. Completed projects weren't a requirement however). You can check out more details in my 2015 yarn club blog post here. I listed the yarn details as well as what month i picked the yarn and linked to my ravelry project page and pattern where applicable... i will be doing the same here as well. To view more blurbs, see my fave projects and view this yarn live check out my video below.

Baby Jacquards by Bernat
346 yards / 100 grams
90% Acrylic, 10% Nylon

Mosaic by Bernat
209 yards / 100 grams
100% Acrylic

Harris Banana Glama Gradient
Handspun, OoaK
202 yards / 3.6oz
Merino blend with various fibers

Wool-Ease by Lion Brand
197 yards / 85 grams
100% Acrylic

LoZ: Link
Link (green)
Unknown yardage, weight or type of wool
Will calculate yardage when picked
2 skeins

Merino Single Ply by Scandinavian Weave and Knit
Fire Opal
215 yards
100% Merino

Northern Worsted by SMC
Santa Fe
230 yards / 100 grams
100% Acrylic

Handspun, OoaK
240 yards total / 4oz
Wool/Silk blend
2 skeins
January Pick!

Old Mill Yarn Ewe in Browns
Shades of brown
195 yards
100% Wool

Handspun, OoaK
270 yards / 4oz
100 % Superfine Merino

Stargazer Lilly
Handspun, OoaK
198 yards / 4oz
100% Merino

Alpcaca/Merino Blend
Handspun, OoaK
48 yards / 3.95oz
70% Alpaca, 30% Merino

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