Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wips, Future Projects and Camera Issues

This update i share my one lonely FO(finished object)... which turned out to be a disappointment at that unfortunately. I made a cute baby vest that will be going into the donation bin. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn for this project and it didn't do it for me; i've disliked the yarn for quite some time but gave it a try as many other yarn crafters i know love it. It didn't turn out so great and i probably dislike it even more. I find it splitty, it untwists on itself, i don't care much for the sheen or the weight of the material once completed. It's soft(er) than most Red Heart yarns however; i'll give it that. The rest of what i have in my stash will be reserved for crochet amigurumis as it always has been.

I also share some patterns from my book library which i want to work on next. There are also WIP's(works in progress) including the Nintendo inspired baby blanket, knitted sweater and Amiibo covers. I think i'll be working on a hat next for sure. After(or during that) i'll pick up a crochet projects. To aid my craftiness, i recently purchased some very cute and yummy stitch markers. Two strawberry cheesecakes, a donut and Calficer from Howel's Moving Castle(an awesome movie). They are too cute; i plan to give them good use for sure.

Spinning also has been done! I've been working on this fiber since last year sometime and it's been a while that i left it on my wheel. Recently i decided to pick it back up and finish the 1.5oz i had left. What kept me away from it for so long i do not know. I then chain plied it making this into a 3ply, i guesstimate it's around worsted weight but will not know for sure until made into a hank and washed. I'm also uncertain as to how much there is, aka yardage at this point. This is undyed natural colored fiber which varied from white/creams to deep browns, all though no black from what i recall. The outcome is an awesome heathered/tweety yarn which i already plan to make a cowl, hat and/or perhaps fingerless mitts from... all for me of course :).

While making the video i was interrupted by my tablet(ipad, which is what i use to record at this time) various times due to lack of storage space. I finally got it figured out i believe so shouldn't have this issue again. However this time around i had to make a few short video and paste them together; in the end it would cut me off every 1-2 mins and then not record at all so ended up finishing this via webcam, which i haven't used since i began my channel. I'm actually surprised i knew where it was and how to record, lol. It worked anyhow, and it's a good backup if anything may go wrong again. Check out my video below for more blurbs and the video description for additional links.

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