Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dying, Knitting, Hooking and Time Management

This week has been tough. I'm slowly getting back into gaming and my time management skills are not good. AT ALL. I'm struggling a lot with deciding which one to do at a certain time...and when i finally decide i feel like i should be doing the other(and back and forth). So many hobbies, so little time! If you have some tips do share; i really need to google this subject and get myself on tract somehow.

More yarn has been dyed this week...yay! Have been experimenting and i definitely rather work with a super-wash wool(no danger of felting). These last two weeks were somewhat Zelda inspired. Last week i did the Link colorway, this week i did one inspired by Princess Zelda. I still have the other characters to do, i think one of these weekends i'll just do all of them(aka the main ones, realistically i don't think i could do ALL of them lol) and leave it at that. Have i posted the ones i did last week on my shop? Of course i haven't, not yet, 'cause i'm slow like XD.

I did this cool cabled hat from the Stitch 'n Bitch Nation book in my library. I love it. I've probably done one cabled project in my life, and although it turned out pretty awesome it was pretty time consuming since i was a newbie and all(and still am actually). It's inspired me to do more wearable projects. My gauge was a huge problem last week and i felt so awkward and whatnot 'cause i seem to have a pretty loose one. Hopefully the more i knit the better i'll get at it and ideally my gauge will improve as well. Wish me luck! My next hat projects are probably going to be Animal Crossing inspired(i love this game series!).

I'm making another project i picked out while shopping from my stash. I actually have quite a few lined up. One night i sat down and looked through part of my library and picked out patterns i wanted to make. Then i went over to my stash and picked out yarn compatible with said patterns and set them aside so they would be ready to pick up when needed. This is a genius idea! I'll be showing my projects as they get completed of course ;). Check out my cast-off crew vid!

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