Saturday, April 19, 2014

Namaste, Swift and Link(from LoZ)!

What's this...another crafty haul! This one doesn't include all that much yarn however, and i'm not counting the skeins i dyed myself since they'll be going on sale(sooner or later). Will keep you guys updated! :) I scored these from Michael's this past weekend. I've been thinking of doing some kind of yarn fast or yarn diet recently.... i'm not sure if i'm up to it yet!! It will take some major self control...

I found a few of Lion Brand's Amazing Yarn on clearance for $ was an unexpected find! I love the color transition of these yarns, even more so than the Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable i think. Just wish the Michael's i went to had more of the clearance colorways in stock. I also found that Vanna?s Choice is pretty nice to work with; it's way up there with the Red Heart Super Saver (specially for wearables).

Another thing.... i finally started dying yarn again!! I did some cotton yarn with the liquid Rit Dyes (which didn't come out as vibrant as i hoped) in royal blue and aquamarine. I dyed them overnight as opposed to couple of hrs as per the instructions.

I also experimented with food coloring and one of my past Legend of Zelda inspired colorways; Link. I tried to re-create and get the recipe down pat so i could recreate them as i please. I think i got it! The different types of fiber absorbed in different ways, yet they all resemble what it's suppose to be. I did two skeins of Superwash merino and one of 100% Wool (i think this is my fave actually). I will find the time to try out the swift this weekend as well!!! Will be posting up something relating to before and after pics of these awesome skeins. The rest of the LoZ crew colorways is next ;D. Check out my last Yarn Addiction Vid.

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