Thursday, April 3, 2014

Road Trip & Unicorns!

This week was kind of a drag! Going to work an hr early is not my ideal, i'm just glad it's almost over. This weekend i'm also going on a road trip to Ohio(Columbus specifically) which is a nice incentive to get through the week. It's about a 6hr drive i believe, which leaves me with plenty of time for projects. I already have some WIPS and new projects to take in mind. :)

Still working on my green/gray stripped sweater of course. I finished one of the side panels and am working on the second; i just haven't felt like measuring out the buttons as of yet(which i need to do since this is the side w/ the button holes).....i actually don't even have the buttons i plan to use either. All in due time i suppose. How do you go about matching buttons to your projects? I'm glad to say that working with the I Love This Yarn brand is pretty enjoyable.

This week i only had 1 (almost)finished project. I checked out Amigurumi Toy Box from the library and made this awesome unicorn . It's a pretty cute pattern and i really want to make a second as a horse(Epona, anyone? The Legend of Zelda reference). The book's due this weekend tho, so again all in due time(or perhaps i'll just purchase it for myself ;D). I should have a list of yarn related items i want so i can give out when the time arises(such as the holiday season or my bday), it would make an awesome gift.

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