Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shawl, Cuffs and Yarn

Hey all, the shawl is finally complete! I used Red Heart's Unforgettable yarn and it turned out pretty awesome. I still wish i would have had a solid color handy to kind of break up the craziness.... but maybe next time. It's a free pattern(link provided in video description).

I've been working on an easy knitted cuff to include in my shop(eventually). I decided against making them in the round since there's color-work involved(perhaps i'm still too much of a newbie to figure it out lol). I'm not sure which i like better, ribbing on the edges or garter stitch. I'm still pretty slow with this color-work; but i'm working on it! Video games will forever be my inspiration, of course <3

This tiny Michael's haul also made me happy. As happy as when i finally finish the socks? Probably not....but it'll tie me over lol. Talking about making me happy...the swift is pretty sweet. I'm thinking of getting another just so i could turn one skein into another without making it into a ball first. Since i dye yarn that would be ideal...i think i just convinced myself! XD



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