Sunday, March 15, 2015

Malon's Etsy Shop Update ~ 3/15/15

I have recently added 5 items to my Etsy shop, Please view them below(and check out the links). For more blurbs on said items and an appearance by Epona, check out the video!

This pillow is inspired by the Space Invaders arcade game. If you're a gamer chances are that you're familiar with this old-school classic game. This pillow features 4 characters in blue, yellow, orange and pink. Find this listing here. 

Nyan Cat made an appearance on YouTube and has since become a meme. If you cross a pop tart with a cat, add a dash of rainbow and throw it out in space, then you've got Nyan Cat!  Find this listing here. 

This pillow features characters from the Pikmin video game series... one of my favorites. I made it to commemorate my completion of Pikimin 3.  Find this listing here. 

This pillow features an adorable goat out in the field. Complete with horns and a pink cheek, his body is quite soft to the touch <3  Find this listing here. 

Isn't this little bear cute? Made in purple, he has an embroidered felt muzzle and is finished off with button eyes. Adorable!  Find this listing here. 

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