Sunday, March 29, 2015

March WIPs and FOs!

These couple of weeks resulted in two tutorials(and free patterns), a couple of amigurumis and two knit hats...and that's not counting my works in progress. Not to mention i still had 15+ solid hours of gameplay logged into Bravely Default, the game i'm currently playing. I haven't been so immersed in a game in quite some time and never via handheld(3DS), it's great to be back!

I only worked on two rows(1 per week) on my Nintendo granny square blanket(check out my ravelry project page), however i had enough other crochet projects going on. I'll try to up the rows this coming week and see if the discomfort comes back.

My march yarn pick, the James C. Brett has been almost all used up in the Purl Ridge hat i made this week, and i know it's not technically April for a few more days but i have already picked my yarn for the month(for the sake of showing you guys in my update video) which is Cascade Yarn's Quatro. It gives me time to think what i'll be making with this, so it all works out! :)

Two Epona amigurumis have been completed this week, i think this is my favorite version so far. I also got these cute tiny boxes that i'm using to ship the mini amigurumi mushrooms and will also be using with the Yoshi Eggs(when they're finally up in my shop). What do you guys think... adorable right?

I've also been spinning again on my wheel. I feel like i've avoided it for quite some time recently, not sure why. However i've tried to spin a little every day(if possible) for the last week or so and i'm back in love with it. I'm hoping to get this falkland fiber done soon so i could work on some other color mixes. This one should come out marvelous though. Check out the video for more blurbs!

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