Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DIY - Free Pattern - Crochet Egg Amigurumi

If you've been following me for a while then you know i'm also a gamer. I don't have all that much time for gaming(as much as i'd want), however i play when i can... and in those rare occasions that i actually 'beat'(aka complete/finish) a game, i have decided to make something crafty as a way to pay tribute.

I have recently beat 'Yoshi's New Island' on 3DS. To commemorate the moment i decided to write up a pattern and make a tutorial video for an amigurumi Yoshi egg. If you're not familiar with Yoshi, he's a dinosaur that has the ability to swallow baddies/items and turn them into eggs, which he can later use to attack enemies among other things. The color of the eggs can vary, depending on the color of the Yoshi(they come in a rainbow of colors) as well as the contents.

Egg pattern 
  1. 5 in magic loop -5 stitches total
  2. Inc all -10
  3. 1sc 1inc  -15
  4. Sc all 15 -15
  5. 2sc 1 inc -20
  6. Sc all -20
  7. 3sc 1 inc -25
  8. sc all -25
  9. sc all -25
  10. sc all -25
  11. 3 sc 1 dec  -20
  12. sc all -20
  13. sc all -20
  14. 2 sc 1 dec -15
  15. Sc all -15 (Make sure to stuff!)
  16. 1 sc 1 dec -10
  17. dc all -5

  Finish off

Spots (x 3)
  1. 6 in magic loop -6
  2. Inc in all stitches in the following fashion:
1st stitch - 2sc
2 - 2sc
3- 2hdc
4- 1hdc, 1sc
5 - 1sc, 1hdc
6 - 2hdc

Finish off, leave a long tail for sewing on egg.


Sew the spots on the egg... and you're done! If you're on Ravelry, you can find it here. 

==> Please feel free to sell/gift/share the items you make with this pattern but please don't take credit for the design. Do not distribute or sell this pattern as your own, but do share the link to this blog or video tutorial with those interested. Thank you! :)

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