Sunday, March 15, 2015

March things in progress!

These couple of weeks haven't given me the chance to finish many projects. I finally got the Pikmin pillow completed (check out my etsy listing and my project page) and have blocked out a couple of shawls I have done... One from January and one from February actually. They are both gorgeous!

The fingerless mitts I was working on have also been completed, and these are the most amazing pair I have made(that I have designed) to date!! I will be making some more, I love them that much... All though I'm not sure I'll be using fingering weight again. These were ma de with my February yarn pick in this beautiful blue, and I still have a little left for my scrap bin. 

Talking about montly yarn pick, my March pick was a James C. Brett Marble DK weight skein. I have also completed a stripped cowl, but do have enough left for one more project I believe...which I've yet to pick out.

My WIPs have not received much attention either. I've only completed 5 rows of my Nintendo granny square blanket in total these two weeks(project page), however I'm well ahead of my goal so it's not a huge deal. My arm also needed a break, I found that this was the culprit for my aches and pains... The break was truly appreciated. 

The thing is, I have been splitting my time between yarn and gaming. I have recently beat two games, Paper Mario Sticker Star and Yoshi's New Island, both for 3DS. As you know, my aim is to make a project inspired by the games I complete, and so have been working on a couple of projects relating to these. I have two crochet tutorials in the works and look forward to having them up by the end of the month if at all possible. I won't spoil the surprise, but they are pretty quick, easy and ideal beginner projects. Check out more chatter on my video!

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